AI fighter pilots are rising

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Ai in fighter jets

AI is rising at a fast pace. One example of this is the rise of AI fighter pilots. The entire story has been covered by the new yorker. This fast increase of artificial intelligence shows that the technology will spread in all the fields. In this context, the details of the story are below.  

On a cloudless morning last May, a pilot took off from the Niagara Falls International Airport, heading for confined military airspace over Lake Ontario. The plane, which bore the badge of the United States Air Force, was a reused Czechoslovak fly, a L-39 Albatros, bought by a private guard worker for hire. The narrows before the cockpit were loaded up with sensors and PC processors that recorded the aeroplane’s presentation.. Engineers on the ground, under an agreement with DARPA, the Defence Department’s exploration organisation, had arranged each turn, each pitch and roll, trying to accomplish something exceptional: plan a plane that can fly and take part in ethereal battle dogfighting-without a human pilot working it.

AI and fighter pilot

The concept of an autopilot is older. However, this concept is the newest because there is an AI fighter pilot which can take part in dogfights. Now the question is, what will this technology do? The answer is simple, this technology will assist the air force and will provide the AI pilots. Further, these pilots can be more efficient than humans. 

Concluding remarks

Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly in all walks of life. This immense growth of AI has benefits and downsides both. On the one hand, it is decreasing the human efforts in the different tasks. It is creating challenges for human labour. However, it is a long debate which is difficult to conclude. Recent development in AI is also a prominent example.  Hence, whether it is peace or war AI is covering all the walks of life.


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