AI forecasts COVID-19 vs flu symptoms

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AI forecasts COVID-19 vs flu symptoms

COVID-19 has been increasing rapidly in this current era. The long waits for results has been causing issues for the people. Apart from this, over-taxed health care system is another reason which provokes the need AI forecast. With the use of normal machines, it becomes quite difficult to predict the exact symptoms of COVID-19. Flu and fever is included in the 19 symptoms for COVID-19. In order to go for the correct diagnose of COVID-19, the researchers introduces the new study which works on AI forecasts COVID-19 vs flu symptoms. The study has come into being by College of Health and Human Services to identify the true symptoms of COVID-19.

Due to limited sources of COVID-19 testing, the clinicians are more likely to rely on the flu based symptoms. According to Farrokh Alemi the professor of Health Administration and Policy, the probability of COVID-19 is entirely dependent on the flu season.

Thus the findings suggest that the care providers should strictly follow the symptoms for diagnosing COVID-19. It depends on the time of the year. Outside of flu season, fever is a stronger indication for the diagnose of COVID-19.

How the study works

The AI algorithm which forecasts COVID-19 is based on different symptoms according to the age and gender. The algorithms works mainly by analyzing 774 COVID patients in China and 273 COVID patients in the United States. The study also includes the analysis of 2885 influenza patients and 884 patients suffers from influenza like illness in the United States. Thus the study is able to differentiate the season flu symptoms and COVID-19 symptoms.

The study acts as a prototype of how the study uses data to find out the COVID-19. However still the study contains many flaws. The study is unable to find out the patients suffers from asymptomatic COVID-19.

Hence in this way, AI is able to strongly identify symptoms of COVID-19. Thus due to AI forecast, no hidden problem will arise such as cost, time and as well as local machines needed for COVID-19 diagnose.


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