AI in social media detects sarcasm in text

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AI in social media

Social media is an internet based source of communication for the people. Almost 4.62 million people use social media to interact with their loved ones or to carry out their official activities. Around 424 million new users have recently joined social media. The average time spent on social media daily is around 2h and 27m. To make social media more safe, AI in social media detects sarcasm in text.

Social Media Marketing

As far as social media marketing is concerned, the companies use social media and other social networks to promote their products online to a huge target market. Likewise, the companies become able to engage with their existing customers and find new ones. The sites used for social media marketing include Facebook, Twitter and as well as Instagram.

However, with the broad usage of social media, it is leading towards many frauds and scams. With the advancement in technology, it is quite easy for the fraudsters to make the message looks real. In this way, the people get attracted to the fake promotions and become the victim of them. Thus AI in social media has overcome this issue.

How AI detects sarcasm in text

A UCF team has developed a technique to effectively detect sarcasm in the text published on social media. The journal named as Entropy contains all the findings found through an experiment. The technique involves the computer intelligence which effectively finds out the cue words generally in sequence which are most likely to specify sarcasm in the text.

The sarcasm in the text is the main barrier as far as the performance of the sentiment analysis is concerned. It is not always easy to indicate sarcasm in the text. But the team has developed a deep learning model which uses multi-head-self-attention module. The multi-head-self-attention module finds out the sarcastic words from the input text.

According to Brian Kettler, program manager in DARPA’S Information Innovation Office (l20), thus sarcasm is the main hurdle in determining the accuracy of the sentiment analysis and detecting it in the is not always easy because finding the exact cue words are always difficult. But the latest innovation has made the lives of the people easier. The users can easily detect the fake text by giving input to the computer model. Likewise, it is considered as the best way for the users to protect them from sarcasm.


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