AI introduces VIGICOVID system

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The researchers have been making massive efforts to initiate the knowledge regarding COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2. It includes huge amount of information which makes it quite difficult for the people to know what they actually need. To overcome the issue, AI introduces automatic information extraction system known as VIGICOVID.

The UNED research group coordinates to make VIGICOVID system. The system works as a prototype to extract information directly through questions in natural language. The system extracts the information through the scientific articles on COVID-19 and SARS-cov-2.

The overall system works on the principles of artificial intelligence. The system includes the information research paradigm which actually finds out all the relevant information the user wants. The search for exact information on COVID-19 and SARS-cov-2 becomes quite difficult before the emergence of VIGICOVID system. Due to long waits for results and mainly to go through the entire text irritated the users. As a result, the users would lose their tempo and quits finally.

There is no need to use the keywords to extract the information. The user has to ask the questions directly. In response to the request, the system searches for the answer in two steps. Firstly the system fetches all the scientific articles using keywords from the questions entered by the user. Once the system fetches the scientific articles, the system preprocess the articles through a question and as well as the answer system.

The researchers are quite satisfied with the results of the VIGICOVID system. Thus in this way, the user gets all the information at once without going through the entire documents. Apart from it, the VIGICOVID system does not waste time and as well as energy needed to extract the information. The user becomes aware of the precautions he needs to carry out to save from COVID -19.


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