Artificial Intelligence detects cancer

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AI detects cancer

Artificial intelligence enables the computers to undertake the intellectual tasks such as decision making, problem solving and perception. Likewise, AI algorithms can examine huge quantity of data. The data includes images and as well as the trial results. Artificial intelligence works as a catalyst to detect the diseases. AI intelligence can effectively detects the patterns which the humans cannot detect frequently. Thus, in this way, artificial intelligence detects cancer.

Apart from providing ease, it is also important to ensure the data security of the patients. There is a threat to the data security of the patients. In order to tackle the situation, the researchers have found a new branch of artificial intelligence known as swarm learning. Swarm learning inspects the patterns within the data without any threat of data security.

How Swarm Learning works?

Swarm learning detects cancer through the medical images possessing the samples of patient’s tissues. AI algorithms predicts the disease by examining the genetic changes found within the images of the human tissues. Apart from predicting cancer from the tissues of the patients, swarm learning ensures the patient’s security by limiting its premises to the existing system. Neither any third party can access the data nor the data can be accessed or shared between the hospitals or across international borders.

A team has carried out an experiment to detect cancer by analyzing the data of the patients. To conduct the experiment, the team has taken the data of three patients from Ireland, Germany and USA. The AI algorithms took the two large sets of data in order to predict cancer. As a result, the algorithm was fully able to predict the genetic changes tissues of the humans thus predicting cancer.

According to Dr Kather, the AI intelligence uses swarm learning can successfully predict cancer based on data from over 5000 patients at a time. Thus swarm learning can work well in other medical fields to speed up the processes and to provide ease to the workforce.


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