Artificial intelligence (AI) in sport actually challenges athlete privileges

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AI in Sports
AI in Sports

The practice of artificial intelligence (AI) in sport is so prevalent that most fields in specialized sport are already accepting it. But a high number of experts informs that the uncontrolled rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in sport actually challenges athlete privileges.

It was surprising for many sport-loving personalities when in opening ceremony of Tokyo Summer Olympics, a human athlete handed the Olympic Torch to a Robot. Not only this but also robots welcomed athletes to the Olympic Village. Furthermore, those were robots who led athletes to their accommodation with facial recognition.

It didn’t end here, but people also got shocked when they saw robots were cleaning the stadium before contests.

Fans of cycling have shown an increased engagement in cycling competition after incorporation of so-called Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Twin technology in cycling. This development has also led to massive progress in the broadcasting of this race.

Definitely, artificial intelligence is now implemented in refereeing, coaching, and training. AI the artificial intelligence also prevents of injuries and sports stamina examination. In addition, AI also plays a significant role in the upgrading of athletes’ diet.

The same put on to substandard sports. Just think through the uncountable apps that inspire us to do sports. They also improve our play on regular basis whereas serving their challenging databases. 

Sports is certainly an area susceptible to the use of these upsetting technologies. There are numerous positive applications of artificial intelligence, and they will be increasing in the future. It is for sure that artificial intelligence will add to the athlete’s health. Moreover, it will also contribute to the improving honesty of the contest and sporting presentation.

However, it is also true that the existing unrestricted upswing of AI may totally damage to the basic rights of athletes. Along with it as well as challenge the honor and fairness of sport competition.

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