Evolution of Hybrid Human-Machine Framework

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Hybrid Human Machine Framework

Hybrid human intelligence is a mixture of human and machine intelligence thus fostering human intellect. Human intellect plays an important role in artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence makes use of the expertise of humans in order to make the decisions. Human intellect is beneficial in making appropriate decisions. The researchers of University of California have put emphasis on the evolution of hybrid human-machine framework. The researchers have published a new model in the paper named as “Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences”. In the paper, they have presented a new mathematical model which can help in improving the performance. Thus it helps in improving the decisions.

In order to opt for the findings, the researchers have conducted an experiment. The experiment included an image classification experiment. In order to proceed the experiment, the human participants and as well as computer algorithms worked separately. The overall aim was to identify the distorted pictures of the animals. The results identified by the humans fell in every category. On the other hand, the machine gave the continuous score. The main difference was in the confidence between the machine and the human participants. Thus in this way, the difference between them was analyzed for the appropriate findings.

As a result, the AI machine was able to find out the appropriate results rather than the humans. The humans were unsure in some scenarios while the AI machine gave the perfect answers. Thus the experiment gave the new approach of combining the use of human intellect and as well as machine intellect. It gave an idea of the new approach named as “Hybrid Human Machine Framework”. According to researchers, the use of Cognitive Sciences will help in further improving the outcomes by applying both human and machine intellect. Hence, more accurate artificial intelligence systems will be built.




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