How AI is replacing manpower

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AI has replaced manpower

Artificial intelligence plays an important role in making the decisions through the use of computers. AI algorithm exactly works on the same principles as the human mind operates. The machine analyzes the data given as an input and find out the predictions as an output. It helps in enhancing the productivity and reduce the chances of errors and repetition. Hence in this way, there is no need of humans due to the faster processing rate and accuracy as compared with the human mind. Hence, the emergence of AI is replacing manpower in many sectors .

How AI has replaced manpower

There are many sectors where AI has replaced manpower. However, sectors where AI has replaced manpower enormously include


As far as the AI is concerned, it has the advanced algorithm possessing the ability to design efficient transport. The transport designed on the algorithm of AI helps in reducing the fuel consumption, ensure the flow of traffic and as well as improving the air quality thus paving the way for better planning of urbanization. The cars designed are fully autonomous and thus dripping the concept of conventional drivers. Undoubtedly, the scenario is leading to unemployment.

Systematic Decision Making

Artificial intelligence helps in making the decisions based on data as far as the study conducted by IBM in 2017. The decisions driven from the data of AI can help in the betterment of the of the organization growth. The overall department of the human resource based on the principles of AI are responsible for the growth and as well as the well-being of the employees rather than the humans. The advanced strategies embedded within the algorithms of AI can help in analyzing the mood of the employees. Artificial intelligence analyzes the mood on the basis of voice. Thus in this way, AI makes the decisions and keeps the situations under control. The humans are not efficient enough to analyze the situations of the employees thus depriving of their positions in the department of analytical decision making.

Apart from it, artificial intelligence also helps analyzing the growth of the organization. It processes the data and strives to get the accurate results. Hence all the decisions within the organization are made by keeping in mind the data driven. Likewise, the strategies are made to cope with the requirements of the current situation. Undoubtedly, the conventional manpower is leading to unemployment due to lack of advanced strategies.


Gone are the times when the manpower plays an important role in the recruitment. The humans are not able efficiently in order to screen the CV of the employees. However, the algorithms of AI can help in selecting the suitable employees by screening their CV based on their past experience. Artificial intelligence can further help in providing immediate feedback to the employees thus decrease the time span needed by human to analyze the employees to provide the feedback and lessen the frustration of the employees. Humans are likely to be biased when it comes to hiring due to many personal reasons and favoritism but the AI algorithms hires employees based on their skills and experience. Thus in this way, AI has replaced humans by driving best decisions which the humans are not able to analyze effectively.

Training and Development

The advanced algorithms embedded in the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) helps the organizations to train their employees in their respective fields. The algorithm embedded within the HRMS can help the organization to find out the skillset of their employees.

AI helps in collecting all the data of the employees and thus aids the HR to decide the training module. The training module helps in polishing the skills of the employees. Hence, the humans are no more involved within the training and development of the employees due to the replacement of manpower by AI.

How Robots are replacing manpower

As far as the robots are concerned, they provide the fast, reliable and efficient services. The humans tend to get exhausted due to continuous work. The robots strive for the high accuracy and continuous availability. The robots are being used in the sectors such as manufacturing industry and in the production of industrial goods. Robots are unlikely to provide errors and can do each task repetitively efficiently. The robots possess all the instructions thus to perform their tasks. The humans are less efficient and accurate as compared to the robots. Hence in this way, the industry is moving towards the use of robots which is paving the way to unemployment for the humans.

In this era of AI, only effective manpower can cope with the requirements of operating the machine. If the manpower is capable enough to operate the machine then the survival is possible. However, AI can never replace manpower completely by humans due to the ability of intellectual reasoning which the robots cannot have ever. But still there are many sectors where the involvement of conventional manpower is no more required due to the emergence of robots based on AI.


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