Transform the retail commerce with Artificial intelligence (AI)

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From automated marketing to smart fulfillment

It’s all the time appealing to hear how Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing particular industries, and few companies are even more qualified to comment on the impact on the retail industry.

How AI is improving the end-to-end retail experience?

Retailers found AI easier to manage and grow their business. But unfortunately not every retailer has as many resources to grow and apply AI in their business. That’s why at few, it is really brought the control of AI—which has previously been kept for enterprise businesses—into the hands of merchants, who are businesses of all sizes. Merchants convert the conversations into sales with the help of various apps run with AI are built on a natural language processing foundation.

And, through high-tech machine learning models that foresee merchant business success, repeatedly sends the merchants funding offers without them having to apply. Buyers expect more than recommendations of targeted products, to faster shipping and better ways to connect from retailers, so Artificial intelligence(AI) is helping retailers meet those expectations. When it comes to shipping anything, there are always hurdles to face. At few e-commerce industries, a number of guiding principles for implementing and scaling AI that make sure simple taking up from the get-go.  At a level, a merchant-first is taken approach to identifying problem areas. So the first principle for implementing and scaling AI is to make sure that is, solving a merchant issue, and that to get enough data to create a solution. 

Second, it is simple. If a regression model will solve merchant’s problem, that’s where it is started. This doesn’t mean building complex models are being avoided; it just means that first it is proved that AI/ML can be used to solve the problem. These two stepladders are key in for getting stakeholder buy-in which, if you don’t get, can stop your business before it even gets off the ground. Artificial intelligence(AI) is altering the shopping experience by using data to bring more personalization to retail.

What’s next for AI at e-commerce?

It is very exciting influence the scale of data to not only empowers e-commerce companies but to create new experiences for merchants that are not viable without data. One of the ways is by exploring how to better support merchant workflows through product understanding and creating experiences for merchants that suggest best actions for their workflows, while foregrounding merchant autonomy.

Business community observed invaluable insights during this year’s AI & Big Data Expo Europe which was held from 23-24 November 2021.


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