Magnetic Mobile Provides E-Commerce with AR Promotions Platform

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Magnetic mobile AR
Magnetic mobile launches AR platform for E-commerce

Magnetic Mobile’s Charge AR is the first of its kind, allowing consumers to see promos and offers while they shop in augmented reality.

Consumers can see what a product would look like in their home with charge AR. In addition, they will receive messages enticing them to purchase. Best Buy sends different offers to different people based on their interests. So, it creates a seamless experience for the customer.

You can increase your conversion rate and ROI by creating different offers and tests for products with Charge AR.

Magnetic Mobile

Magnetic Mobile is a company that offers augmented reality solutions to both businesses and their customers. Likewise, they combine proven approaches to develop innovative solutions for businesses. The company’s recent release includes an AR feature that connects the 3D experience to beneficial outcomes for businesses or ROI.

“We’re combining proven approaches into a new solution. That’s as much about the business as it is about the buzz,” said Brian Sichi, Magnetic Mobile CEO. ” AR is a fun and exciting feature that engages customers. By placing promotional offers in the actual AR scene, marketers can connect the 3D experience to ROI in a tangible, measurable way while optimizing their marketing spend.”

Magnetic Mobile will tap into 3D Cloud’s expertise by being a platinum partner. With that, they can see an increase in sales conversions and the total dollar value of transactions. Magnetic Mobile wants to provide clients with charge AR. Thus, the customer will benefit from the security and infrastructure that 3D Cloud provides.

Beck Besecker, 3D Cloud by Marxent’s CEO and Magnetic Mobile Co-Founder, said “We’ve seen the power of 3D visualization in the furniture and home improvement industry for years.” With advancements in AR technology, 3D models can be displayed in real-life environments with an iPhone or Android phone.

The key to retail success is providing a good digital experience for consumers, and Magnetic Mobile has partnerships with major organizations. They recently introduced Charger AR, which uses the latest technology to give customers an innovative go-to-market service that will deliver value and compelling customer experiences.

“We’ve designed our process so that brands can get started with the technology quickly and scale up as rapidly as they’d like,” said Sichi.

Magnetic Mobile gives businesses access to augmented reality

Magnetic mobile uses creative design and builds apps with best-in-class technology. It combines the expertise of user experience, content strategy, and expert development. Consequently, they use Charge AR to create immersive experiences for their clients.

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