Next big step for augmented reality is AR Cloud

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AR Cloud to the real world
AR Cloud to the real world

AR cloud is postured as the next big step for augmented reality. It offers consumers more immersive way of fetching with and probing facts. It also has a huge potential to convert businesses for both clients and workers.

Several big tech businesses like Facebook, Apple, and Niantic are ready to make their own branded augmented reality cloud technology. Why these big companies have intention for it?

Reason for creating Augmented Reality Cloud Technology?

Most people use some form of AR technology worldwide. Retailers use it increasingly to bring improved experience to the customers. Improvements in augmented reality cloud technology will take it to the next level. It will allow AR to build more user involvements that happen in both physical and digital worlds.

With the constant embracing of augmented reality tech-lovers expect its market value will hit $50 billion by 2024. One evolving development in AR technology is augmented reality cloud technology. It is key to bring together physical and digital worlds. It works by overlapping persistent and collective digital content onto real-world elements. For example, be it public, spaces, or matters, in real time, basically forming a digital twin of the physical world.

Various users can share and access the data from the cloud irrespectively of the AR devices they use. That permits better association and commitment, as well as the inception of communal experiences that aren’t restricted by position or device.

AR cloud is an influential, adaptable tool. One can apply it to various situations, ranging from daily dealings to business connections in different industries.

Application to the Real World

As AR technology has acquired popularity for its benefits to different sectors. Similarly, AR cloud technology has also many benefits to the real world.

Google’s AR Navigation

Google’s AR navigation is an AR cloud-based app. It practices Google’s Visual Positioning Service (VPS) with AR cloud technology to show more precise navigation.

Moreover, Google’s Cloud Anchors can support persist AR technology experiences in the physical world due to the Google’s ARCore Cloud Anchor service.

Cloud Anchors empower you to develop virtual signs that assistance people in Google’s map or get how a place would appear. In addition, these cloud anchors allow you team up in real time with other users. And also to create more pleasing common practices like playing a virtual game or performing a community activity virtually.


Sturfee like Google’s map AR Navigation also applies VPS and AR cloud to support its City AR technology. It’s multipurpose tech that you can get help from to navigate, share rides, tourism, and even on marketing.

Google Lens

Users can have digitally cooperative experiences with the help of Google Lens. More, users may get the feature to text language translation by using its camera. Besides this, they can also have visual search and identification with the camera application of Google Lens.

Application in Business

This technology can help to bring improved customer experiences in a business. This will help to engage your customer and manage their loyalty. It’s also able to connect your employees wherever they are in the world, letting them collaborate and share experiences.

The ongoing improvement of augmented reality cloud technology will pave the way for more inventions in other technologies too. It has the capability to bring about new opportunities of interactions not only in real world, but also in digital world.


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