Uncovering the New Features of Magic Leap 2

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Magic Leap 2
Magic Leap 2

The 2022 is the year when tech-lovers are expecting much more exciting in the field of augmented reality. As a matter of first importance, Magic Leap 2 is one of the fascinating invention with its new features. Let’s see what the uncovered new features of Magic Leap 2 are:

Light weight and controlling mechanism

The first interesting part in feature of Magic Leap 2 is that it will be an extremely lightweight headset, weighing just 248 grams. This is conceivable additionally on the grounds that the glasses have no computational power. The top of the headset is inside the compute pack. This will be improved and will be “over two times as strong” than its ancestor. It is likewise fascinating to see that an AMD chip will control the unit rather than NVIDIA one.

The headset won’t come in two sizes. However, in a solitary one, on the grounds that the eye box of the focal points is large to the point of obliging for various places of the eyes in the clients. To be precise, the eye box is two times as extensive as the one in Magic Leap One.

Proceeding with the dash of what is “two times than” the past emphasis, eye-following cameras are presently two for every eye. And the FOV region is two times as large as the one of ML1, being 75° corner to corner (Upload VR gauges it is around 45° x 55°). All things considered, are the central planes. Magic Leap 2 will highlight just a single central plane, and it is alright since the component to switch between the two central planes was a long way from being awesome.

What is exceptionally new

The AR headset can change the haziness of its focal point which can so go from 22% of light transmission to 0.3%.

This can have numerous gainful impacts. Most importantly, one can utilize the headset in extremely splendid conditions, similar to medical procedure rooms. Then, at that point, it very well may have the option to deliver dark tones, something very incomprehensible for transparent AR headset, simply by making the focal points more obscure in those areas of the focal points. It’s all extremely cool and imaginative. However,22% as greatest light transmission feels exceptionally poor.

Magic Leap 2 appears as though AR headset that makes them interest highlights, then, at that point. We’ll see the way much market potential it has when we’ll hear the information about its cost and delivery date.

Dimming and More Massive loads of New Magic Leap 2 Details

In spite of the fact that it relies upon to send off this year, there’s still no firm delivery date on Magic Leap 2. In any case, the organization has started sharing subtleties on the headset which proposes the send off is drawing nearer.

This week at the SPIE Photonics West 2022 meeting, Magic Leap’s VP of Optical Engineering, Kevin Curtis, made that big appearance to share a group of new subtleties on the headset.

The most intriguing subtleties to come from the show are may be about the headset’s dynamic diminishing ability, which is a first among business AR headsets.

Dynamic Dimming Lenses

Curtis shared that Magic Leap 2 can change the light transmission of its focal points from 22% to 0.3%. The previous being something like shades and the last option being nearer to welding goggles. This wide reach should make the headset usable even in exceptionally brilliant outside conditions (however it will obviously come at the expense of darkening the world around the client too). Dynamic diminishing matches with a brilliance range from 20-2,000 nits. These abilities should make the headset fundamentally more adaptable than its ancestor, and comparative headsets, with regards to shifted lighting conditions.

Additionally, the diminishing ability can revive at 120Hz, and is “sectioned” too. The Magic Leap 2 focal points would be able “empower dark,” apparently by specifically diminishing just the piece of the focal point where dark is required in the picture. On customary straightforward AR headset, it’s difficult to have ‘dark’ as a shading since dark is the shortfall of light. However, the focal points have no real way to prevent light from going through.

Without admittance to the whole substance of Curtis’ discussion, we don’t have any idea how definitively the diminishing ability can be sectioned. So, it’s hard to know whether this will be a nearly momentous capacity, or something more restricted.

Inquisitively, dropping to the base 0.3% light transmission may even take Magic Leap 2 valuable for completely vivid VR encounters. Where this present reality is generally diminished to clear a path for totally virtual substance. It is not yet clear assuming this is a utilization case the organization is effectively focusing on.

The Headset

Concerning the actual headset, Curtis shared that Magic Leap 2 will come in only one size. It differs from Magic Leap 1 which had a ‘enormous’ and ‘little’ variation. For Magic Leap 2, Curtis says the eye box was multiplied in size. Obviously making it enormous enough for the organization to move to a solitary headset size.

As per Curtis, Magic Leap 2 weighs only 248 grams (0.5 pounds). That is an almost 22% decrease over the first headset’s 316 grams (0.7 pounds). While promoting its lead in weight over HoloLens 2 which comes in at a lot heftier 566 grams (1.2 pounds).

Magic Leap 2 will likewise incorporate eye-following, with two cameras for every eye. Supposedly, that is up from one camera for every eye on ML1. It could mean more prominent exactness. Eye enlightenment is given by Six small LEDs which should be visible inserted in every focal point.

It isn’t as yet clear assuming Magic Leap 2 will have the equivalent varifocal abilities as ML1. Given the outline shared by Curtis (further above). It seems to show one waveguide for each red, green, and blue tone (rather than two for every shading similarly as with ML1).

The AR headset will incorporate a 12MP RGB camera for client confronting photograph capacities. Such as taking pictures and recordings, examining standardized tags, and web based video for ‘See-What-I-see’ use-cases. On-board sound is additionally affirmed.

Two key things we don’t have any idea yet are the goal and field-of-perspective on Magic Leap 2. As per Curtis, Magic Leap 2 has “twofold” the field-of-perspective on ML1 (which is 50° slanting). However, we expect this implies twofold the region, not twofold any of the direct aspects. The organization has recently shared this correlation of the ML2 field-of-view versus ML1. So, we can see the greater part of the increase comes in the upward bearing.

Compute Pack

Concerning execution, Curtis shows the Magic Leap 2 will have 2-3 times the GPU and CPU execution of Magic Leap 1. It also includes the expansion of a committed co-processor for dealing with PC vision activities.

Curtis didn’t determine Magic Leap 2’s processor. But, the organization has firmly indicated that it comes from AMD. Strangely, Magic Leap 1 depended on Nvidia’s Tegra chipset, which was genuinely novel for this sort of gadget.

AMD is likewise a fairly original decision for Magic Leap 2. Because, most gadgets in the AR technology classification use chips from Qualcomm, including Magic Leap’s fundamental rivalry, HoloLens 2. You might know AMD as a maker of work area and PC processors just as GPUs. However, the organization likewise has a huge traction in the control center market as the longstanding supplier of chips in Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Magic Leap 2 could address AMD’s initial critical passage into the XR space.

Magic Leap 2 likewise promotes “more memory, stockpiling, and battery duration versus contenders,” yet we don’t have numerous points of interest as of now. From the materials we have we realize that ML2 will have USB-C charging, Bluetooth 5.1, and WiFi 802.11AX (AKA WiFi 6).


The Magic Leap 2 regulator offers 6DOF following in view of PC vision, as indicated by Curtis, and purportedly empowers “following external the FOV of the presentation even behind the client.”

It isn’t clear assuming this implies there’s some extra tech being utilized to follow outside of the camera range, or on the other hand in the event that they’re simply inclining toward IMUs to assess the situation until the regulator returns into view (like what we see with headsets like Quest). ML1 utilized an original attractive way to deal with regulator following. However, it appears they’ve dumped that on ML2.

With respect to buttons, the single regulator has a touchpad, trigger, and guards, just as back and home buttons.

Accepting Android

One more significant change for Magic Leap 2 is the move from the organization’s own Lumin OS to Android.

While Lumin OS was based, to some extent, on Android, Magic Leap had uniquely fabricated a significant part of the basic funneling for Magic Leap 1. For Magic Leap 2, it appears to be the organization is inclining all the more vigorously on Android, evidently with an end goal to make the headset more straightforward to scale in enormous associations; Curtis’ show explicitly takes note of that ML2 AR can be “effectively coordinated with” Active Directory, a generally involved device for overseeing client consents inside organizations.

A fascinating Design Magic Leap

It isn’t clear assuming this change implies that Magic Leap 2 will actually want to help local Android applications. However, that would positively be a shrewd move. Doing as such would permit undertakings to all the more effectively adjust their current work processes to the headset by sending field applications on the AR headset, as standardized identification scanners and backing manuals, rather than expecting to port everything to run on Lumin OS.

Magic Leap 2 Release Date and Price Still Unknown

We actually don’t have a cost or delivery date for Magic Leap 2, yet with the organization consistently sharing nittier gritty data it appears to be there’s a decent opportunity it could come in the main portion of 2022. However, we can only wait to explore the exciting new features of Magic Leap 2.




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