VR and AR is being used for treating stress and anxiety

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VR and AR is moving from a novel technology to a technology that has many useful applications. In the medical field VR is now being implemented to treat patients struggling with stress and anxiety.

VR and AR application for treating anxiety

Patients who require lifetime of care are either confined to their house or have limited mobility. This results in limited experience of life hence causing anxiety. Using VR the patients are able to visit places where it is impossible for them to reach physically.

Sarah Hill has a brain injury and is unable to walk needs full time care. While talking to BBC she stated “”I am unable to walk – and I can feel light and able to walk.” Further, she also said “You can go under the sea, look at all these fish. It reduces my anxiety. I find the virtual-reality kit very helpful.” This clearly shows the impact the technology.

Anxiety affects 275 million people around the world. By 2030 it is estimated that the global economy of mental health problems will amount to $16 trillion. Using this technology in this sector can transform the lives of many people suffering from anxiety.

VR and AR application for treating stress

Stress is another form of mental health problem that affects the people on daily basis. PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder) is experienced by people who have gone through a traumatic time such as war.

At the department of veteran affairs in USA the military veterans go through a prolong exposure therapy. By using the VR, veterans can experience the events again hence face their fears. With the therapist, also in the VR, can help the veterans to over come the stress.

In this century, stress among the population has increased rapidly. During the COVID-19 pandemic the lockdown has affect the mental health of many people. On average 30% of the population suffers from stress on daily basis and depending on the severity VR can be used to help them.


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