Immersive Technologies Take the Stage at CES 2022

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Las Vegas CES 2022
Las Vegas CES 2022

AR/VR has altered telehealth, traveling, business and more, having worldwide attraction and experiences reachable from a distance in 2020. As CES comes again to Las Vegas, the show displays the new waves of innovation from tech companies that would shape CES 2022 and the economy of the future. This time people at the show reported that immersive technologies take the stage at CES 2022 with its success stories. 

Emerging Technologies

Evolution of interaction in the pandemic accelerated online and on-demand products. In addition, it also speeds up the demand for services in the industrial sector across the world. This high demand shaped an emerging metaverse. So, CES 2022 has also featured the tech companies that would give strength to this next-generation iteration of the internet.

The conversion of gaming into a prevailing social media platform along with the pandemic sits at the hub of the mount in the metaverse. Various games such as Fortnite and Roblox have let their users program their games very easily. Moreover, they have let them build a virtual world to create a common experience like a graduation ceremony and even a concert in digital.

Exhibitors showcase

Exhibitors like MAD Gaze showcase their AR smart glasses and hardware examples. All these observable things enforce metaverse at CES 2022. On the same time, Razer showcases its latest gaming technology and its connection to metaverse. More exhibitors such as Snap is exhibiting its AR lenses at C Space. These lenses have already introduced a new trend to ecommerce. They let their users shop brands catalogs and try on dresses with these lenses covering up dresses on the consumer.

Further more, Atomic Form was also ready to exhibit their technology designed to combine and showcase NFTs art as component of the C Space exhibition.

CES 2022 Success Story

Black Box VR chose CES 2022 as the podium to launch its product for global media coverage. Black Box VR presented demos of VR gym to media, celebrities and influencers at CES Sports Zone. Furthermore, they had meeting with investors, distributors and potential partners.

Since the attention of the attendees at CES 2022 not only proved that there is a market for VR fitness but also confirmed Black Box VR’s business plan.

Black Box VR dips its users in a serious, competitive and entertaining workout world through virtual reality and gaming codes. With artificial intelligence and machine learning, it tracks its users to provide real-time feedback.

“Without a doubt, hands-down, CES marketing event was the perfect opportunity for us to show our product to the world,” said Charles Westerberg, vice president of business development at Black Box VR.

The spike in media exposure that began at the CES marketing event in January extended well further than the show. Black Box VR, at CES 2018, was attributed on the Today Show from the CES marketing show floor. It was covered by more than thirty media channels while exhibiting at CES 2018. Black Box VR was named as Best Startup and a 2018 Innovation Award Honoree by CES 2022.  

“We had a significant and sustained boost in media and PR coverage after the show, Westerberg said. “There are aftershocks of positive things that continue to happen even four or five months after CES.”Black Box VR developed its work, a concrete business roadmap and industry bustle.  

That’s why Black Box VR decided to once again avail this opportunity to be there at CES 2022 to have the investors, media and influencers.

Industries worldwide from health care to manufacturing and everything between them are leveraging augmented and virtual reality to generate convincing real-time experiences. In addition, having a glance of the innovatory technology that brings the world to your doorstep.

CES 2022 in Las Vegas brings tech companies, programmers, developers, leading platforms together from the world to showcase state-of-the-art technology. This is a place where one can find the next generation of active, interactive, and practices.


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