Will Mixed Reality have a significant impact on people’s lives in 2022?

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Moving from 2021 to 2022 with tech
Moving from 2021 to 2022 with tech

After millions of VR headsets sold out in 2021 and as we have observed a lot of awareness about technology adoption in field service, customer service and more than that in sales in 2021. So, definitely a question arise, “will mixed reality have a significant impact on people’s lives in 2022 too?” Let’s find out the answer of this question in this news report.

Mixed reality got a rocket ship speed in its popularity when Mark Zuckerberg announced the rebranding Facebook into Meta.  The video in which he launched his vision of the metaverse was viewed millions of time. Most viewers of this video even had no idea what metaverse was. However, now almost all of them understand the metaverse is something which will change their lives in the future.

Yet, 2022 won’t be the year when tech-lovers might be able to incorporate AR-VR and MR into their lifestyle. However, it could be the year for gamers and for those who have used VR headsets for exercise. They have already experienced few changes in their lives in some ways by using VR. On the other hand most of the population will still look at others who explore AR-VR and MR apps that come to market in this year. They will also have a closer eye on any advancement in the metaverse that might be of their interest.   

So, the simple answer to the question “will mixed reality have significant impact on people’s lives in 2022” is, AR-VR and MR will not have a lot of impact on most people’s lives in this year. It will take years to see significant changes in lifestyle of people because of mixed reality.

Since we are talking about mixed reality in the New Year, it is also reporting a lot of rumors that Apple will release its first MR-AR headset by the end of this year. This piece of headset would be a hot selling product for diehard Apple lovers. These Apple’s customers take on advanced technology faster than the conventional marketplace. It would be a massive hit and in fact could impact the Apple users’ lives in 2022.

This is a very early stage of advancing the kind of technology that utilizes AR-VR and MR apps. It will take a lot of technology advancements to develop the types of instruments that would get into the mainstream marketplace. Not only these new headsets, but the kind of AR-MR apps that would be adoptable to them. On the other hand, AR-VR and MR will not alter the lives of 99% people in 2022 because it is a technology that has acquired much consideration in the western world.  

VR/AR headsets of Apple might give this market a massive boost up. Although, it is expecting in 2024-2025 before we see any true and complete adoption of the metaverse by millions of people around the world.

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