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Since the ill-famed Gatwick incident 2018, most of the airlines have focused on keeping drones away from airports. This misshapes caused big damage to the airlines and travelers of round about $65 million. But now, companies like CANARD Drones and Acecore Technologies are trying to prove that drones serve and save time and money at airports.

CANARD Drones utilized drones for verification and adjustment of PAPI (Precision and Approach Trajectory Indicator) systems. They also carried out inspection of runways lights and approach landing system of the 18L runway at an airport. This kind of inspection proved a commercial use of drones at airports.

Through such uses of drones with the purpose of improving operational efficiency may cut down inspection cost and improve reliability of time saving.

This initiative was taken at nighttime with the intention not to disturb all the day activities at airport. ENAIRE, the Madrid airport’s provider of air traffic services oversaw the flight from the control tower. The test met all the safety measures. So, AESA, the State Aviation Safety Agency kept these drones for operation purpose of an unmanned aircraft flights in controlled airspace.

The use of unmanned aircraft solutions turned the processes and application services more efficient at the airport. This could be an emerging asset for the drone companies too.

During the COVID-19 crises where most of the airlines were facing hard time, Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport and government airspace authorities availed the opportunity to assess the commercial drone operations. Schiphol along with Dutch Drone Delta tried to test the social and technical features of drone flights. These drones flying were used for the inspection of runways and delivery of airplane parts to the airport.

It is nothing else, but saving of time and money, off course if drone delivers parts of an airplane. As deliveries of airplane parts from maintenance storage to the mechanics through cars is expensive. While drone can do the same in less time and with less money.  

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