ITRI showcase amazing technologies at CES 2022

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CES 2022
CES 2022

The Industrial Technology Research Institution uncovered some wonderful pieces of technologies at CES 2022. ITRI introduced an Autonomous Selfie Drone, RGD-AI Robot and Interactive Time Machine. All these innovations tech cached the attention of attendees. So, we can say that ITRI showcased amazing technologies at CES 2022 with high expectations of their success.

Autonomous Selfie Drone

Autonomous Selfie Drone switches all the configurations, angle and lighting arrangements for the best selfie picture. It acquires data via AI algorithms for essential photography techniques. It is easy-to-use because users can easily set up different angles and close up shoots with body ratio and compositions.

Likewise, It’s a smart drone which analyzes the posture and head orientation automatically. In this way it corrects its spot and angle to get the ideal composition. In addition, it utilizes smart framing technology with its portrait mode to develop a natural and unremarkable match between user and the background.

Furthermore, fully automated photography, cool appealing structure and direct use of the phone camera, better resolution and eradicating the need to alter image formats are the features of this selfie drone which make it different from other selfie drones.   

RGB-D AI Robot

RGB-D AI Robot is the world’s first collaborative robot with built-in 3D vision. It won a CES 2022 Innovation Tech Award. Its sensing technology is 168 times smaller and 38.6 times faster than other robots with sensing technology. This sensing technology is fixed on the robotic arm.

With the help of 3D vision sensing technology this robot can perform three-dimensional scanning of the object area. So, it becomes very easy for robotic arm determine the optimal angle for lifting objects according to their form and placement.

The RGB-D AI Robot might be used in smart manufacturing, logistics industry, and healthcare industries. Even more, this robot can learn the best handling tactic in less than 12 hours. With the passage of time it can get auto-learning. More, it can find out the pick-up or suction point for any new object. By this way it reduces engineering cost and improve efficiency. The tech-lovers hope that it will come into market till March 2022.  

Interactive Time Machine

This machine uses AI to create a 3D interactive avatar from the full body not only from face of the user. ITM makes it possible to create a metaverse for avatars to interact with players in real-time. It responds to the users’ actions in real-time through 3D model shown on the display.

Moreover, the system lets the users interact with self virtually either with younger look or older. For example, VR/AR/AM gaming and teleconference where users can meet and have interaction with their 3D models. More examples include exhibitions for interactive events to get the attention of peoples.

Not only these, but ITRI also showcased more interesting technologies at this occasion. They included DNN Video Analysis OS, ITRI’s Ultra Low Power AI Accelerator and the 5G O-RAN RIC.

All these technologies showcased by ITRI were really appreciated and of highly interest for the visitors of CES 2022.

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