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Google has not become the part of smart watches market yet unlike other of its competitors. But now Google intends to launch the Google Pixel Watch to the market in next year. It was presumably going to be presented this last October along Google Pixel 6. But now, it will finally launch in 2022.

The first promotional images of Google Pixel Watch are very much alike already leaked design at the beginning of the year. Although, these images are of quite low quality, Google would not have changed the design in subsequent months. The reason is that the design is nearly traced to what was already known before.

Thus, Google Pixel Watch promotional images show us a round watch body without bezels. More, many features are still up in the air. People expect Google will have standard health tracking potential.

Obviously, the Google Pixel Watch will try to run the operating system Wear OS 3. That could be a good or bad thing. Wear OS 3 a version created in collaboration with Samsung. Whereas, Wear OS is taking strides to challenge the Apple Watch’s OS software, rolling out a refurbish version to new Wear OS-eligible smartwatches.

If Google does not modify Wear OS to the pixel ecosystem, lastly giving Pixel phone owners a committed wearable that would be disappointing. Along with the OS changes implicated at Prosser’s images are basic rout navigation, health data and an overall cleaner interface. If all this legit, it might mean, the Pixel Watch is shaping up to be a competitor of Apple Watch.

We may not have long to wait before we hit upon if Google is really launching its own watch in 2022. And if so, whether it will be a competitor for a spot on our best smart watch list.


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