Ai-Da robot knows the art of painting

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Ai Da robot hand

Artificial intelligence helps the robots to create the paintings not only by following the set of rules. The robots are able to create the painting by analyzing the thousands of images. The AI algorithms help the robots to create new images in accordance with the aesthetics. Likewise, Ai-Da robot knows the art of painting.

Ai-Da becomes the first robot which paints like an artist. The robotic arm of Ai-Da moves slowly dipping into the paint palette thus making intentional punch over the paper. Thus according to Aidan Meller, Ai-Da is mind-blowing and as well as groundbreaking. The algorithms of artificial intelligence helps the Ai-Da robot to select and then make a decision for making a painting. During the work, Ai-Da focuses on her work. By the excellent performance of Ai-Da, it is quite clear that the robots are able to create an amazing art. According to Meller, the human artist do not have much time and money to make clever paintings.

According to Ai-Da, she uses machine language to paint. She is unable to paint through imagination as she loses consciousness. She sees different paintings and images and then make her own masterpiece. Furthermore, according to Ai-Da, she is unable to appreciate art and beauty because she lacks emotions and facial expressions. In order to bring more advancement within the robot, it is possible to train machine learning system to recognize the facial expressions.

Hence in this way, Ai-Da is the first robot artist who is doing well in the field of art. With the more advancement within technology, many efforts are made to polish and train machine learning algorithms which will give more wonderful results. Likewise, Ai-Da will be able to perform well create amazing art which in turn will impress the audience through AI paintings.


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