Robot conveys Emotions

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The scientists from the University of Tsukuba have come up with a new robot. The new robot seems to convey emotions while reading the text messages. The robot allows the users to have a control on their anger while hearing some upset news from their friends. The new device is helping to improve the social interactions and it is really beneficial in upcoming digital era.

The researchers of the University of Tsukuba have built a robot named as OMOY. The researchers have integrated a moveable weight switch in the inner body of the robot. The robot is able to give emotion by shifting the weight insider its body. The main task of the robot is to read the text messages for the people received from their friends. On receiving any upsetting news from the friends, the OMOY gives the encouragement to the user not to get upset. The emotions of the robot gives the encouragement to the users. The robot also shows sympathy to the users. The aim behind its development is to control the anger and upset mood of the users. This is because the people are likely to show negative reaction such as revenge or any kind of negative thoughts. Instead, the people simulate forgiveness.

The researchers present almost 94 people with different upsetting news. The text messages containing news were read by the robot named as OMOY. As a result, the robot gave the emotions which proved to be quite beneficial as far as the main aim of the development of the robot is concerned. The robot was likely to impart the emotions which controlled the anger of the users. Thus the weight shifts which take place within the inner body of the robot allows the robot to convey the emotion which tend to calm down the users.


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