Sophia, the human-like robot, evolves to be a mother

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Sophia is a social human-like AI robot made by the Hong Kong-based association Hanson Robotics. Sophia was created in February 2016, and its first appearance was made in mid-March 2016 at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, United States. Since its birth, this extraordinary masterpiece developed. Now this robot evolves to be a mother.

Sophia affected the world when she got her nationality back in 2017. This AI robot, with the identity of Saudi Arabia, has offered different dubious expressions. However, the latest has left the world puzzled: she needs to have a robot child and start a family.

Robot AI evolves through human experience

The well-known humanoid AI robot controlled by an artificial intelligence (AI) has proven that being surrounded by people who love and care for you is essential. Robots have an origin indistinguishable from that of people regarding the family and “assuming you don’t have one, but should have one”, regardless of whether you are a robot.

Further, Sophia requires seeing families made of androids, and she similarly needs one for herself. For most, Sophia needs to have a robot kid with a comparable name. She stated she would be too young to have a baby, as she was established in 2016. Ultimately, the experience gained not only on the level of knowledge but also on the level of physical skills qualifies for a good interaction with our human world.

And what else does Sophia, the robot lady with a legitimized identity?

Sophia is not only a role model in mechanical innovation, but also a productive top skilled worker and an skilled artisan. Last April, one of her works sold at a sale for about $690,000! At the current exchange rate, this is equivalent to about 14.3 million Mexican pesos. In Europe, this work would have brought her the equivalent of 613,982.70 euros!

Sophia the Humanoid Robot Sells Artwork For $700k NFT

So this robot is now also known as a creating artist and keeps attracting media attention with its further development. Is the next step to get another human attributes now inevitable, or too big?

Presently, it will be fascinating to see how Sophia the robot evolves to be a mother. Will her robot child cause contentions very much like her mom?

It’s hard to even imagine what comes after creating a baby robot for Sophia. Will the robots grow up like humans in the future, and is this perhaps even crucial? It is difficult to make a final judgment in this regard, or what is your opinion?



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