Samsung showcases its vision of sustainable future

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On 5th January during the CES 2022 Samsung updated the world regarding their efforts on the issue of sustainability. Jong-Hee the vice chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics inc delivered a keynote speech which outlined the steps that the company is taking.

There is no doubt, one of the hottest debates around the world currently going on is regarding sustainability. As the awareness increases, many people start factoring in the sustainability when making purchase decisions.

Steps being taken by Samsung

Samsung is one of the largest companies in the world and annually sells around 500 million devices. So every decision they make affects the environment around the world. To ensure their products have minimal adverse affect they want to adopt the philosophy of recycle, reduce and reuse.

Last year in 2021, in the manufacturing of memory chips, the company managed to cut down the carbon emissions by 700,000 tons.

In recycling, the company uses the recycled plastic in their products such as the TV, refrigerator and galaxy pods. This year however, Samsung has decided to increase its usage by 30 times. By 2025 they aim to use recycle materials in all their products.

Moreover, the unboxing material in the tv boxes used are also recycled. Taking it further, Samsung has decided to ensure that packaging inside the boxes are also recycled. So styrofoam, box holders and plastic bags will also be made of recycled materials from now on.

Another innovative idea that is introduced is solar cell remote. The Tv remotes will use the energy from the light which will help eliminate approximately 200 million batteries per year. Furthermore the Tvs and phones manufactured will use zero standby power.

Finally, in a bid to eliminate e-waste, Samsung has introduced “Galaxy for the planet”. So the old devices that are no longer used to manufacture new products. This will help reduce the environmental impact of e-waste.


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