A Vision of the Future-Mojo Smart Contact Lens

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Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens
Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens

Smart contact lenses look like a technology we used to watch in science fiction movies, but Mojo Vision made it a reality in our present. These are not smart glasses, but contact lenses. Mojo Vision intends to fill up all the hardware needed for visual augmentations in a small lens that can adjust in your eye. Mojo smart contact lens has an internal prototype technology.

The company focused many safety concerns on this electronic device for wearing in sensitive areas like the eyes. So, they had people not only from the technology side but also from the medical side. The medical experts in this project worked to guarantee comfort and safety for their users.

Mojo Vision’s technology is an AR technology, but not in the sense you are taking it. The contact lens can show text, basic graphics, and even some illustrations. However, Mojo Vision’s smart lens functions more like a smartwatch. The accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer in this lens are something that you might not have experienced before.

A world in your eyes

These lenses are different from VR and AR glasses in the way that they are actually sitting on eyes and follow their movement. According to Mojo Vision’s executives, the sensors in these lenses calculate the eyes’ movement more accurately than VR or AR glasses.

Many VR or AR technology companies effort to make immersive capabilities that can chaos reality. But, Mojo Lens gently offers you a perfect piece of information while you’re busy on occasions that need your attention. Mojo Lenses provide you with all the information that is either about your trails, your running speed, or talking points for a presentation. Furthermore, you do not need for looking down at a screen or holding a device in your hands. Mojo lens lets you keep your attention heads-up and hands-free.

Advanced Prototype

Today’s good news is that the Mojo Vision smart contact lens final and advanced prototype with complete features is in the final production phase. Mojo Vision contact lens has finalized all its hardware and software features. Now the only thing is remaining optimization and improvement.

Advanced Structures of Mojo Vision Smart Contact Lens

You will be stunned by the wonderful components present in this tiny smart lens:

  • A microdisplay– Mojo Lens’ innovative design has a minute microLED display. Its size is equal to the size of a grain of sand that shares important information
  • Image Sensor– a smart image sensor powered by solid-state batteries built into a scleral lens. It helps in seeing the surroundings and processing them with computer vision. It also corrects your vision
  • Eye-tracking Sensor–  magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope
  • A 5Ghz radio communication antenna– to make the lens connect with an outer unit
  • A battery system– for a long time use
  • An ARM0 processor– that functions as a “traffic cop” for the data transformation

Though it doesn’t have any internal processing unit, the lens uses radio waves to communicate with external computational modules. When Steve Sinclair, SVP of product and marketing at Mojo Vision was asked about the integration of computational unite inside the lens, he said, “For now, it is not possible, but of course, we all hope one day in the future it may happen.” As the lens already has a small ARM0 processor inside, so we can expect it to incorporate a more powerful one. Mojo Vision plans to transport an external computational unit. They will make it sure to be small and wearable.

Mojo Vision Lens and other soft lenses

Unlike other soft lenses, Mojo Vision’s smart lens is hard that sits on the sclera. Lenses like scleral that sit on the white part (less sensitive) of the eyes rather than the cornea are more comfortable to wear. According to Steve, they have made many tests when they started the process of making a smart lens. And they found this hard structure of lens to be the best one. This hard structure has many advantages. It can’t be squeezed or bent, furthermore, it doesn’t slip inside the eye. The display remains fixed in place. Consequently, it causes optimal visual. More, this smart lens creates even bigger challenges in making a full augmented reality system.

Mojo Vision Component Facts

The key points in Mojo Vision’s press release about its components are:

At the heart of Mojo Lens is our 14,000 pixels per inch MicroLED display. Measuring less than 0.5mm in diameter with a pixel-pitch of 1.8 microns, it is the world’s smallest and densest display ever created for dynamic content. Paired with a Mojo-designed micro-optic and custom silicon backplane chip, the Mojo display can project bright text, rich graphics, and high-resolution video on the wearer’s retina that are visible indoors, outdoors, or even with eyes closed.

Low Latency Communication

Mojo Vision has custom-designed an ASIC for Mojo Lens that incorporates a 5GHz radio and ARM Core M0 processor that transmits sensor data of the lens and streams Augmented Reality (AR) content to the MicroLED display. The radio is capable of communicating with the ultra-low latency required by AR applications by using a Mojo-proprietary communication protocol that is more efficient and faster than Bluetooth LE.

Ultra-Precise Eye Tracking

A key element of any AR experience is the ability to see and interact with digital content placed within the world around us. Mojo Lens has a custom-configured accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer that continuously track eye movements so that AR imagery is held still as the eyes move. Coupled with proprietary motion-sensing algorithms, Mojo Lens’ eye-tracking is an order of magnitude more precise than today’s leading Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality optical eye-tracking systems and is a key enabler of Mojo’s unique eye-controlled user experience.

Mojo Vision
Mojo Vision

Medical-Grade Power System

Powering Mojo Lens is a proprietary power management system that includes medical-grade micro-batteries and Mojo-developed power management integrated circuit and wireless recharging componentry. The power system is a critical element of the Mojo Lens and allows Mojo to optimize the final product for all-day wear and to run reliability and safety tests in preparation for FDA clinical trials.

What are Mojo Vision Next Steps?

Though the Mojo smart lenses are considered very safe for users. It has already gotten initial approval from the Review Board of medical experts. The lens still needs to go through many trails for proving its safety. The company is aware and very much careful about its present and future users. Therefore, it will start soon extensive user testing and analysis.

Final considerations

Mojo Vision does not make claims that generate hypes of any kind. However, this company worked very hard and has provided a roadmap for product development. Smart contact lenses are not a product of today or tomorrow, but with the speed at which Mojo Vision is achieving its target, we can expect a similar product in this decade.




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