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Artificial intelligence is growing rapidly. Multiple fields are reaping the fruits of AI. The same is happening in the context of the healthcare industry. Now AI is helping doctors to diagnose fatal diseases at the early stages. Further, it is also assisting the doctors in terms of cure and future precautions. So, AI doctors are increasing day by day and it is a more effective way of cure than the conventional means. What are the benefits of AI doctors and how effective are they? We will read all these things in this article. 

AI doctors can diagnose early than a physician 

We have collected the facts that show AI doctors can diagnose a disease earlier than a human physician. Regina Barzily an AI expert says that breast cancer can be diagnosed even two years before. It means that even in the body where there is no clue of cancer the AI can predict it in a certain body. She further says that AI explains the minor details and changes in the body that the human eye cannot. Barzilay’s work is highlighted in the 10th portion of the Sleepwalkers digital broadcast, which visits the impacts of man-made brainpower unrest. The episode investigates how AI is changing medical services and maybe additionally being mortal. So, it simply means that AI doctors can diagnose early and even minor details about a disease. And it is imperative to cure someone at the early stages of the disease. 

AI doctors can cure better than the human physicians

AI doctors can cure better than human doctors. In this context, the first step after the diagnosis is the cure. For example, in surgery, the human surgeon can make any mistake. However, the AI doctor, who is powered by algorithms, cannot make a mistake. These AI doctors fetch even the smallest details in the procedure of any cure. Humans can make errors but AI would perform according to the algorithms. Hence, it means, in this context, it is safe to say that AI doctors can cure better.

Heart attack and cancer prediction even before these ailments occur

Heart attack and cancer are ailments that are fatal and many patients die owing to these diseases. In this context, if we predict them even before they occur, certainly we can save many lives. In the same context, AI can help to predict even before these diseases may occur. Clearly, we can save many people due to the efficient method of diagnosis.

The point of view of Siddhartha Mukherjee

Oncologist and essayist Siddhartha Mukherjee cheers the capability of clinical AI. Yet, he likewise cautions that we ought to be careful about a portion of the less advantageous parts of the innovation. One is an expanded assortment of information on patients and their circumstances. Everything that could have been enticing to wellbeing safety net providers or government offices, which may not consistently have a patient’s advantage as their main goal.

Concluding remarks

Artificial intelligence, in the field of medicine, has revolutionized disease prediction, and its cure procedure. Moreover, it has also floated the concept of AI doctors that are more efficient, less expensive, and highly reliable. These doctors are performing the multiple tasks of patients’ care, surgical operations, and so on. No doubt, this is a development in the field of medical and artificial intelligence that can save many lives. Cardiac issues and cancer-like fatal ailments can be cured by these advanced algorithms. From the detection of a disease at an early stage to the whole cure procedure,  AI can perform effectively.


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