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Augmented Reality at Snap.Inc

Who or what is Snap.Inc and what apps are part of their portfolio? XReality1 has all the news about the companies augmented reality applications and presents them at a glance! Snap.In (formerly Snapchat Inc.) is an US multinational technology and social media comapny based in Venice, California. Currently, the instant messageing service Snapchat is their most successful product, yet not their only application. This article will focus on the current developements of their AR technologies.

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New Snapchat features

Their USP is a try on feature

The New Dress Up feature is available in the Lens Explorer discovery tool and will soon be placed, one tap away from the camera, in the Snapchat AR Bar. Shoppers can browse and try on new outfits virtually. Any brand can present their lenses on their profile, giving customers a chance to consider their products.

Augmented Reality at Snap.Inc
From funny to useful – try on anything
Augmented Reality at Snap.Inc
Augmented Reality at Snap.Inc

Dress up in AR

The Snap.Inc dress up features take the market by storm. Users can try on about anything and have a look at their appearance. AR can be used like a mirror for things you have not yet bought. There are many examples for products advertised this way:

  • beauty products like makeup and lipstick
  • clothing and accessoires
  • shoes and other ecommerce products

Current AR tools

Lens studio – the free creation software

Lens studio allows users to create a huge variety of lenses, even using AR technology. With a huge set of built-in features, artists can build augmented reality experiences for millions of snapchatters. You can choose one of the many shaders from the material library, or even create your own. Features such as segmentation and landmarker tracking, allow users to create snap lenses for landmarks around the world. Even machine learning models can be applied to a lens to make it more intelligent.

Lens studio by Snapchat has reimagined marketing. Brands can push boundaries on how to engage with customers. Previously, only big brands with big marketing budgets utilized Snapchat lenses. However, this free app has allowed everyone to contribute.

From developing the lense…

Lens Studio allows creators to use their assets for AR presets. Through an easy to understand process, models can be integrated in a lens that can then be used by any snapchat user.

…to using the lense

The creator-customer interface is as easy as a click through the use of lenses. On average, over 75% of the 218 million users in the Snapchat community uses augmented reality to communicate, play, and learn every day. This is an incredible opportunity for smaller companies to reach a massive audience.

New marketing tools for AR

Snap.Inc is currently focusing on developing new tools and strategies for e-commerce. For this, they brought small and large brands on board, using their input to create new experiences and access-points. Especially for this, they even created new tools for overview and control.

AR creation suite

This 3D Asset manager is another step towards the realization of large scale AR use in e-commerce. Buisnesses can further develop their 3D assets and gain an easy to use tool. In addition, through the asset management system, they gain access to models from well-known brands.

The new AR image processing technology will help companies, of any size, with the presentation of their product catalog. A deep-learning module, developed by Forma, can turn photographs into AR assets, which can then be used for try-on lenses.

Creator Marketplace

Making lenses on the go has been greatly simplified by Snap.Inc, however complex lenses still pose a challenge. To solve this problem Snap.Inc has introduced the creator marketplace.

Through a diverse network of creators, it is easy for businesses to search for freelancers that fit their needs. Creators, developers and even agencies are available for hire, so that every company can reach their marketing goal.

Lens web builder

This new tool is a simple solution for making Snapchat filters and lenses without requiring a lot of technological experience. A user doesn’t need to be an AR expert to use this feature and the program already supplies them with numerous 3D-Assets. Additionally, users can upload 2D assets to customize their creations, giving them a coding-free variant that is user-friendly. This program will be provided through direct Snapchat store integration.

Its speed, convenience, and reach make it perfect for running ad campaigns. The app can involve its users and give them a chance of taking part in these campaigns. A good example would be the shopping templates already included in the app. Through those businesses can provide a catalog of their products and present their assets virtually. Even Freelancers and smaller companies can use the new tool to invite users into their ad campaigns.

To create a lens for snap chat, a user simply imports 2D or 3D assets into the lens studio app. Then they either use one of the many templates or create one from scratch. After they finish their lens, the company can publish it and customers all over the world can use their lens.

Showing off this new tech, the team at weltfern has created an interactive marketing experience in the form of a game. If you are interested in how to use your assets effectively, don’t hesitate to contact us for an insight.

By Ingmar Konnow

Co-Founder of weltfern, Lead of the future tech and design team. I am specialized in 2D, 3D and XR AR & VR and have more than 10 years of experience in multimedia content creation. I focus on all future topics with deep passion. Together with my team, creating content and software in 3D, UX/UI, textures and designs for humans and robots is my mission! From VW to Viessman from Adidas to Ornua, I have developed future software with a wide range of customers from various industries. I see the opportunity for everyone to exploit potential and create a connection with future technology to realize visions and completely excite customers.

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