Can AI tackle racial inequality?

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AI to tackle racism

Racial inequality is the product of White Man’s burden theory, which has snatched the rights of the black people. As a result, economies can not progress at a faster pace. A sizable chunk of the population has remained in a state of sorrow owing to the lack of necessities, i.e. housing, better medication, and the entire lifestyle. In order to tackle this discrimination against the black community, protests and wars have been witnessed throughout history. However, this discrimination has not been rooted out. No worries at all, as this is the era of artificial intelligence (AI), we can tackle this discrimination by using this smart technology and can improve the lifestyle of the deprived community. The question is, how artificial intelligence can help to eradicate the penetrated-discrimination in a certain society or at the global level. The facts are below.

Racial discrimination in healthcare will grow less by using AI

Racial discrimination in healthcare will be minimized by using artificial intelligence, these were the words of UK’s health secretary Sajid Javid. He has greenaite, a progression of AI-based ventures that means to handle racial disparities in the NHS(National Health Service). In the same context, in the days of COVID-19, these ethnic disparities become more visible as the reports say that In England and Wales, guys of Black African ethnic had the most elevated pace of death including COVID-19, 2.7 occasions higher than guys of a White ethnic foundation. Females of Black Caribbean ethnic foundation had the most elevated rate, 2.0 occasions higher than females of White ethnic foundation.

Medical racism

  These reports are sad, but artificial intelligence solves such reports. “As the first health and social care secretary from an ethnic minority background, I care deeply about tackling the disparities which exist within the healthcare system,” Javid added in an interview. “If we only train our AI using mostly data from white patients, it cannot help our population. We need to make sure the data we collect represents our nation,” he described further. 

Among the overwhelming measurements influencing minority networks is that people of color are multiple times bound to bite the dust from intricacies during pregnancy than white ladies. One venture will use calculations to explore the variables and suggest changes–including new preparation for medical attendants and maternity specialists–that will ideally guarantee that everybody has the most ideal opportunity to carry on with a solid existence with their youngster.

In educational institutions, the color children can learn more effectively with the help of AI 

“The beautiful thing about being human is that we are patterned beings,” Mike Bugembe, the data scientist, says. Simply , it means that humans follow the patterns. Think for a while. If we develop the patterns negatively, then they may produce the factor of biasness. Algorithms are neutral if the data behind them is neutral.  

 Further, AI technology can guide teachers about the children who are not performing well. If the child is not performing well, the IA will examine all his facts and variables that would be beneficial for a teacher to guide a student. 

 Moving on, it’s bound to turn out badly for youthful dark youngsters who endure excessively at school contrasted with their white friends. This doesn’t mean educators are clearly bigoted, yet research from the US uncovers dark kids are bound to be expelled at preschool, and unjustifiably singled out as miscreants. Dark Caribbean young men are almost multiple times as prone to be for all time prohibited from school, as shown by a report from the UK’s Institute of Race Relations.

 In short, the algorithms that are neutral, can finish the discrimination in education sector and there are more chances that education rate will increase and its immediate effect would be at economies of the countries. 


Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing all walks of life and COVID-19 has proved a catalyst in the enhancement of this smart technology. Transportation, medical, education, and entertainment industries are swiftly converting their products and services into the algorithmic data base.

The same is happening in culture as AI can eradicate racism, and hatred against the different communities which will multiply the economies, increase the education rate, ensure the peace and stability among diverse social groups, and make this planet a happy place to live in. 


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