Can we escape World War III by VR?

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world war III and VR

In the olden days, the man was savage. With the growth of technology and science, the savage man adopted peace. However, this advancement of technology also actuated the barbaric minds to invent horrible weapons. This mentality gave birth to nuclear weapons which destroyed humanity in the second world war. At the end of the war, the result was in the shape of the UN. After that, the planet has remained safe from any other world war. However, the globe is again on the verge of a world war as Russian troops have attacked Ukraine.  Now the question is, how can we escape this war. The answer is simple: we can escape World War III by VR.  It means, if technology has the potential to destroy humanity, then it can save humans as well. How will this happen? To understand, read this article. 

Virtual reality and peace talks

Virtual reality can help to maintain peace. In this regard, the peace talks are valuable to mention. Whether the conflict is small or worldwide, the final way is to make talks. In the same context, the policymakers can make peace talks with the help of VR. Ultimately, this will give a real-time virtual experience. Hence, this is an effective medium that can escape the world war. 

The use of VR even before the peace negotiation

The mediators can use VR for peace negotiations even before the talks start. In this context, the mediators understand the negotiation process, the facts, and other details. So, this is the first use of VR in the context of peace talks.       

What are the examples of the VR usage for peace making? 

There are many examples of VR usage like the task Meet the Soldier, which permitted ancestral innovators in Uganda to practically visit the homes of their partners, assisting with refining them and foster compassion; BeAnotherLab, a VR framework intended to encounter the world according to the viewpoint of someone else; and The Enemy project, which permitted clients to ‘meet’ struggle parties from El Salvador, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Israel, and Palestine.

Awareness campaigns in the form of videos can help escape the world war III by VR

This can also be an effective method to escape the war. The experts and policymakers can involve the media and make VR short films to establish peace. Moreover, the destruction of nuclear weapons can also be shown in films. Resultantly, this factor will also decrease the threat of war. In response, the public will stand against the war and we will have a peaceful world. 


The world is on the verge of world war. The Kashmir issue, the Russian Ukraine war, and South China sea tensions are vivid examples of the conflicts that can spark the World War. However, Virtual reality has the potential to resolve these matters peacefully. As a result, it will save humanity from the destruction of the major crisis. In this regard, all the aforementioned examples and solutions are workable. Now is the time for policymakers, how they mitigate all these threats and make this globe a happy place to live in. Surely, war is not a solution to any issue.   


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