Dominance of Smart Factory in 2022-predictions

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Smart Factory
Smart Factories of 2022

A smart factory integrates machines, workers, production system and real time data into a single digital connected system. A smart factory works not only in this way, but it also learns from experience. It forecasts trends and proposes smart manufacturing workflows and automated process with insights from data sets. That’s why it is considered that dominance of smart factory in 2022 would highly be observed.

Organizations have long known that digital transformation will be indispensable for the competition in the future. Since last couple of years when global pandemic badly crushed large businesses because of massive supply chain challenges labor shortage and skills gapes. Many companies realized that adoption of technologies wouldn’t be enough not only for competition, but for their survival.

Experts point out a few indicators that predict dominance of smart factory in 2022. In fact, they say 2022 will be the year of the smart factory with these following predictions. 

Manufacturers will adopt full-scale small factory

It was a past-time when smart factory had gaps in offerings without providers to fulfill the needs of technology to turn smart factory into a reality. However, today technology has become even more cost-effective with many start-ups to enter the game. Multiple providers now offer technology and solutions like artificial intelligence, cyber-security, video analytics, autonomous mobile robots and command centers.

There are many alternatives for any kind of the technology hurdle. Now as there are integrated solutions for smart factory, we can predict a big evolution from companies that their whole production environment will become smart rather than one or two sections.

FOMO will drive organizations to smart factory adoption

The fear of missing out is always a big challenge for small business sectors. Therefore, FOMO will eventually be a big driver of adoption of smart factory in 2022. Now, it is very much clear to most of the organizations that if they do not jump into the digital world, they would not be able to compete. They will be ready for big changes that may deliver big outcomes.

True smart factories will have command centers

Big data will take center stage because manufacturers are comfortable with it. Multiple control towers will get together data from across the organization in such a way that companies have never practiced before. This will make possible bring human and technology together. The connection of human and command center will demonstrate a true business transformation.

Key technology will be vision systems & autonomous mobile robots (AMRs)

Skyrocketing organizations cannot afford quality errors with material cost. In this regard, vision systems will play important role as they quickly identify defects before they disturb the whole line of production. This will bring momentous improvement in quality and safety.

AMRs is the another future key technology that shows its power to generates immense efficiencies by automating repetitive tasks. It is essential to remember that the technology cannot replace human power. People at an organization play vital role. In fact, these are the human skills that drive business value. These technologies only make human to focus on their uniquely skills.

Technology adoption will meet customer demands

Just like previous couple of pandemic years, labor shortage will continue or get even worse. So, technology adoption will be more critical to operate and ensure customer demands. Smart factory adoption, in addition, will develop this understanding among the companies that how critical it will be to better hire, re-skill, up-skill and train manufacturing roles.  

Now, this is a crucial question for every manufacturer whether they are ready for smart factory adoption. If they are still confused, they will have a hard time to get ahead in their competition.


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