How AR will affect SEO

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AR impacts SEO

With augmented reality filters on Instagram, it’s evident how popular AR is becoming. A study estimates that there will be 1.7 billion users of mobile AR worldwide by 2024 – and this is growing, especially with an ever-growing number of internet users.

AR technology is undergoing rapid development. In this post, we address a few ways changes in AR are going to affect SEO.

AR & local SEO: What You Need to Know

With augmented reality, you can scan a company’s code and get reviews, ratings, and pictures. A focus for SEO is to rank on Google – Local SEO should be a focus as well.

With search engines like Wikitude or Yelp, you can give out location-specific AR experiences. For example, you can offer a special deal to someone who is close to your business’s location.

In order to make the most out of AR’s popularity, you will need to ensure that your business is properly listed on sites like Yelp and Foursquare.

AR is Changing How People Do SEO

With AR, you can create a web experience that is rich and engaging. You can add physical elements to an experience that can be as varied as you need it to be. Applications for this type of technology are endless.

They produce quality, downloadable blueprints for consumers to view from any angle. For example, IKEA lets the customers check 3-D version of more than 2000 of IKEA products from different angles through IKEA Place app.

Search Engine Optimization

To know if a couch will fit in your corner you can use the app to see what it would look like. Now, many fashion brands have virtual dressing rooms for customers to try out different wears. Similarly, real estate firms can arrange virtual visits to properties they intend to sell.

Users of this app experience will spend more time on the site and have a better user experience. These experiences can help with SEO in the future.

Visual search and interactive content will become widely used in AR

Google is always looking for new ways to improve their experience. Some of these include voice and image search, as well as VR projects like Daydream which aim to make using Google a better experience. To more lift up the experience, Google is also financing AR projects like Tango

As more and more people find content on the web through augmented reality, businesses should consider creating AR-based content for their website. AR ought to be a part of a company’s inclusive content marketing approach.

With 3-D objects and videos added to visual searches, you can expect that visual search will become more mainstream. From multimedia to interactive content, such immersion will be the norm in virtual worlds, so as a content marketer or an entrepreneur, you will have to make sure your content is immersive.

Facebook will be the new quest for SEO

Increased AR will increase the positive impact of your social media presence on your SEO. This is because AR allows companies to provide immersive, engaging content to their users.

For instance, Facebook’s 360 degree videos let users take a tour of the Louvre in Paris from their bedroom.

With AR being so popular and fresh, this technology is only beginning to grow. If you’ve used social media with 3D effects such as Snapchat or Instagram, you know that their popularity is very high. You can see these platforms becoming more creative in their uses of this technology by taking the time to experiment and create unique stories.

3D vision

Brands are already using AR to market products and increase brand awareness. With the increasing popularity of AR, more social media channels will come up with features that have an AR slant. This means you can expect your SEO strategy to increase. In a nutshell, you need to include the use of AR in your social media strategy to ensure it works well.

Consider a campaign Browns Fashion created. They released an AR filter to create brand awareness. This got 2 million people to use it and even celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens used it as well.

People can interact with products more intricately and more effectively with augmented reality. As an addition to your SEO strategy, augmented reality gives you an easy way for businesses to understand customer’s needs better and create a better customer experience.


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