Sex robots, backed with AI, are beneficial or not?

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Sex Robot

Sex is the need and source of pleasure for humans. In the era of smart technology, the sexual orientation of people is changing. This has happened owing to the sex robots that are backed by AI. These sex dolls are giving pleasure to those who are disturbed psychologically. However, the researchers are still finding whether sex robots are beneficial. This is a long debate that has both perspectives on whether it is good to have sex with a robot or not. In this article, I will try to explain the pros and cons of using sex robots. All these details are as below. 

Benefits of using sex robots

The researchers have collected some benefits of using sex robots. First, these AI-backed sex robots will give intimacy to psychologically disturbed people. This disturbance may be because of any reason. Second, the researchers say that it will decrease the human trafficking which is happening owing to the sexual urge. Third, it will lessen the sexual abuse as it mostly happens because of the psychological issues of the people. Fourth, it will help to control the population of the world which is exploding. There are other things that can control rapid population, but this can also be counted in the same context. Fifth, it will decrease the risk of sexually transmitted diseases. I listed all these benefits below. 

The AI-backed sex robots will give intimacy to the psychologically disturbed people

The first factor in this context is, those sex robots will eradicate the feelings of loneliness of those who are psychologically disturbed. This disturbance may have any reason, but the fact is that it can be resolved through these AI humanoids. Hence, it is a benefit in this context. 

It will decrease the human trafficking which is happening because of the sexual urge

Some researchers claim that human trafficking will decrease that is because of the sexual urge of the people. According to a report, almost 600000 to 800000 people are trafficked each year. Further, there are 70% women and 50% children in them. So, these numbers speak a lot. By the dint of this, researchers claim that the sex robot will lessen the sexual urge of the people who may involve in trafficking. 

It will help to control the world’s population

The growing population of the world is a problem that is the mother of many other issues. Owing to this rapid growth in population, the resources are lessening, and environmental issues are speeding up. More the lifestyle of masses is going down. But thanks to AI, we can enjoy sex without the growth of the population. Now, our resources would not shrink. Resultantly, these gadgets have also this positive point. 

These robots can provide safe sex

Moving on, the other prominent claim by the researcher is that these provide safe sex. It means that the diseases that transmit through sex will become less by the virtue of these robots. Ailments like HIV and aids are pertinent.

What are the cons of these robots?

There are some researchers that claim the cons of the sex robot. It can cause some psychological damages to having sex with robots as per the report of BBC. In this report, the author says that these sex can cause serious harm to the mental health of the users. A few robots are customized to dissent, to make an assault situation,” a researcher says. “Some should look like youngsters. One engineer of these in Japan is a self-admitted pedophile, who says that this gadget is prophylactic against him. So, we have to tackle these issues that can be harmful to the masses.


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