Nursing staff will feel easy with the new range of Smart Sensors for elderly care

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Smart Sensors for elderly
Old woman and caretaker at nursing home

Elderly care with the Smart Sensors will enhance the care providing capacity of the care providers. Kepler Vision’s Smart Sensors have made it better to monitor the comfort of old-age patients in nursing home. With new range of smart sensors for elderly care, nursing staff at nursing homes may immediately respond in any emergency.

The smart sensors and Kepler Night Nurse software together transform a monitored video feed into a text. The text then alerts the staff, and they get to the patient without any delay. For example, the video feed in which a patient fallen on the floor is shown in the form of a message “A patient needs help who has fallen in room 10”. The nurse receives this message through the nurse call system at nursing home.

The nursing staff cannot view the video feed. So, it ensures the privacy for the patient and reduces the constant monitoring of camera.  

KNN’s video monitoring system can spot the falling of elderly clients with its deep learning and computer vision. This system can also detect the physical stress. Furthermore, it can monitor the wandering of dementia patient into the risky areas. In this case the system automatically alerts the nursing staff for the assistance of such patients.

This software lets the staff to instantly respond to elderly patients. It removes 99% of false alarms. In this sense they are better than old sensor systems like motion sensors, bed mats and wearable sensors such as necklace and bracelets.

Two types of Kepler Vision Smart Sensors monitor different areas. A 6MP camera in private room at nursing home detects the movement of patient. Whereas, a 12MP camera monitors patients in the hall area and common rooms. These latest cameras reduce the standardization period for the KNN solution and decrease the arrangement charges for the system.

By the arrangement of KKN solution with these smart sensors eradicate the necessity for pilot tests for the systems in care houses. So, it certainly reduces the set-up cost of the fully monitoring solution. Moreover, this latest system maximizes correctness and consistency of cutting-edge computer vision solution.

Smart Sensors cut down the strain on elderly care staff and allow them to more efficiently manage care without disturbing the patient’s privacy. Kepler Night Nurse solution has a revolutionary potential for the elderly care around the whole world.

Kepler Vision’s Night Nurse solution is that the first computer vision-based fall sensor that has got medical device status. European Council has registered its computer vision powered software as a medical device with the directive 93/42/EEC.

The registration denotes that after internal and in the field tests the software was found to meet the highest stipulations and that all the hazard valuations and justifying measures have been taken.

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