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Released on Steam (11.06.2024) – Price: 14,99 $

First of all, I’m not a big fan of puzzle games. But I like it when my brain is challenged. I like it even more when I can relax with games after a stressful day. In fact, I had never seen VR games as a space for that until now. But the game ‘Assemble!’ by Hamburg developers weltfern has actually taught me better.

Assemble! Trailer

Assemble an engine or a robot

The VR game, which is available for Meta Quest, Steam, Pico and Horizon (the game was released on Steam at the time of writing), is not directly a puzzle game in the classic sense. But, as the name suggests, you put things together. These can be very different. Whether technical objects such as an engine, a camper van or a bus as well as historic sailing ships, robots and even a knight’s armor.

But there are also very beautiful low-poly landscapes that invite you to dream a little. This dreamy atmosphere is also helped by the fact that the sound and musical backdrop really draw you into a very relaxed maelstrom. In general, you can tell that they wanted to create something that was a counter-concept to the hectic everyday life or the nerve-wracking atmosphere of other games. Assemble! even simulates a virtual sky, including a sunset and shining stars.

Assemble! Temple of Power
‘Temple of Power’ (Assemble! VR)

Assemble!: Models with beautiful details

The models impress with their beautiful details. On the ships, you can see every single mast and sail up close. In general, the headset on the head allows you to look directly into the models and see their inner workings. Something that is only possible in VR.

The level of difficulty with Assemble! is pleasant. There are three modes, easy, medium and hard. Very enjoyable for a puzzle amateur like me! I was actually able to work my way up from easy to medium. I haven’t made it to Hard yet, because that’s a real challenge. But the replay value is very high, because the game motivates you to keep improving.

‘Sailing ship Leuwen’ (Assemble! VR)

There are a total of 20 levels with different models on Assemble!. Every model is really something new. Once I put together a historical sailing ship, which reminded me of these small ships in bottles, except that the model is really big. In the next level, which you can also select individually, I build another cute robot. Then I put together a knight’s armor to get to another lighthouse scene. I really liked the scenarios, which are mostly in low poly. You have to congratulate the developers on their creativity.

Locomotive (Asssemble! VR)

But what surprised me the most was the effect a relaxing puzzle game like this had on me. I could really switch off and indulge in the scenery and the relaxing background music. In addition, there are always small sound and music effects that accompany the respective scenario or object very well.
According to the developers, new content will be added all the time. The first DLC with high poly models has already been released.

In any case, I’m looking forward to paying Assemble! a virtual visit again and again and building new assemblies.

Relaxed Puzzle VR Rating
5 / 5

Rating: 5 out of 5.


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