GTA: San Andreas being developed as a VR game

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The original GTA: San Andreas was one of the most iconic games released by Rockstar games in 2004.  It started its journey as a console game which was then later also released for PC users. Since then it has gradually been added to more and more platforms including ios and android. Hence, so far they have covered all the bases. If one is interested in playing the game it is highly unlikely that they would not have the required hardware. 

However rockstar games have taken things to the next step by deciding to introduce the game on VR port for Oculus Quest 2. Oculus Quest  2 is a Virtual Reality headset made by Oculus, a company owned by Meta (previously known as Facebook). The news was announced during Connect 2021 by the Meta CEO Mark Zuckerbeg. Although it is very exciting news, unfortunately there is no release date for the game. Moreover there is no visual footage of the game so far hence it can be expected that it will take some time before the gaming enthusiast will be able to enjoy GTA: San Andreas again in Virtual Reality. 

Here is a video of Mark Zuckerberg announcing the game:

The possibilities of gaming experience are wide.Who hasn’t broken a few laws while playing the game? From violating traffic rules to killing people just for fun. With Virtual Reality the players can become part of the city and playing these games will feel more real than ever. Jumping from a high building, driving without any care for the traffic laws, stealing cars and most importantly being chased by the police at maximum heat will feel more realistic and the thrill will definitely be a lot more. 

Once the game is released on the Oculus Quest 2 successfully, it won’t be a stretch to expect that the rockstar will also work on other games and make them available on Virtual Reality platform. Playing GTA: 5 or any other rockstar game on Virtual Reality will definitely be worth playing.

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