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IT researchers of the Italian Institute of Technology have developed a system that will help the blind increase their orientation skills. This will increase the orientation skills with the help of virtual reality. This platform is for the aid of the blind like Braille is for reading and writing. In this context, a game, named acoustic archery, would enable the blind to witness virtual reality. 

the IEEE Engineering and Biology Society (EMBC) displayed this innovation at the 43rd global meeting.  

“Its capacity to arrange in space is clearly connected to vision. But the instruments by which this occurs, and the techniques used by the human mind to adapt to vision misfortune, are as yet muddled,” Gori said.

Moving on, Gori also neglected the myth that blind people have more hearing capacity. The scientists exhibited that inherently visually impaired individual’s battle at planning head and trunk to reorient towards new targets. Yet the principal data source they depend on is the body, like engine prompts, rather than the ecological sounds.

How the virtual reality is helpful in this context? 

Virtual reality is helpful in this context, as it will create an environment that can increase the experience of the blind. In fact, it is a game that can entertain the blind and enhance their virtual experience. In this context, Davide Esposito, the developer of the game, expressed, “it will fulfil the amusement needs of the blind. So, this has happened owing to virtual reality. 

“Logical reason for the game to the side, allowing blind individuals the opportunity to attempt augmented reality,” he said. “A significant number of our members were having loads of fun while doing the analysis. And needed to continue to play even after the trial finished.”

In conclusion, it is a helpful development for the blinds as they will enjoy virtual reality like others.

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