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By 30 September 2021, 120 million units of the ‘Resident Evil’ series had been sold worldwide. This makes the story around its numerous main protagonists such as Chris Redfield, Claire Valentine or Leon Kennedy the best-selling video game series of the game developer veteran Capcom. Capcom, which stands for Capsule Computers and is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is known for numerous franchises, including Street Fighter, Devil May Cry and more recently Monster Hunter: World.

Resident Evil was virtually a remake

But nothing outshines the best-selling Resident Evil series, which has set significant milestones not only in classic gaming but also in virtual reality. In fact, the term ‘survival horror’ was used to describe a game for the first time after the release of the first part in 1996. Resident Evil thus founded an entire genre. RE, as it was abbreviated, did have prominent predecessors such as Sweet Home, released in 1989 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (Resident Evil was originally supposed to be a remake of the video game), or the original PC game series Alone in the Dark. But the survival horror game principle only really took off with ‘Resi’ for Playstation 1, which was lovingly christened by fans. And it wasn’t to stop there.

Gaming Special Resident Evil

Fun Fact

The expectations of the makers of Resident Evil / Biohazard Part 1 were rather low at the time of its release. Producer Tokuro Fujiwara estimated that no more than 200,000 units would be sold. The reason: horror games had never had much success until then. In the end, Capcom gradually sold several million copies, making Resident Evil / Biohazard Part 1 one of the most successful video games for the PlayStation.

The most successful horror series ever

The franchise, which now boasts ten main parts and fifteen spin-offs, encompasses a veritable media empire of live-action film series, animated films, television series, comic books, novels, audio dramas, and other media. Not to mention the numerous merchandise items.

This makes Resident Evil, with its film adaptations, the best-selling horror game series and, in the gaming industry alone, the best-selling video game adaptation franchise. And, of course, the best-selling horror and zombie series. Last but not least, Resident Evil was the trigger for the undead to become hype again in the 2000s and 2010s, which in turn led to films like the Dawn of the Dead remake, TV series like The Walking Dead or other very successful video games like The Last of Us.

Zombies are hip by now

Lots of classics, a few flops

In the process, the game series is apparently proving to be as stubbornly long-lived as its undead antagonists. Created by the well-known developers and designers Shinji Mikami (today CEO Tango Gameworks) and Tokuro Fujiwara (who has such illustrious names as Mega Man, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Breath of Fire, Final Fight and Duck Tales on his producer vita) has changed more than once. Starting as a third-person shooter in horror, where it popularised the over-the-shoulder perspective.

Resident Evil 4, released in 2005, and from then on began to move away from classic horror gameplay towards a more action-heavy game. A development that had already become apparent in Resident Evil 3. The concept was actually to be expanded with Resident Evil 5, so that one can speak of the co-op game mainly as an action title. This was taken to the extreme with the hitherto most unpopular part, Resident Evil 6.

RE went down the drain at times

But the fans did not appreciate this change. The critics were also disappointed and gave it unusually poor ratings. The franchise seemed to lose its formula for success and was on a downward slide. Many saw the Resident Evil / Biohazard series at the end. Resident Evil 6 was taken to the extreme. But the fans did not appreciate this change.

Resident Evil: Frome Code Veronica to Biohazard

Resident Evil 7, which was released in 2017, then switched completely to the first-person perspective (which had actually already been planned for the first part on the Playstation). The relaunch, especially in terms of content, worked. Resident Evil 8 was released in May 2021 and continued the story of the protagonist from RE7. Along with returnees from the previous spin-offs. In between, the remakes of the classics RE2 and RE3 appeared in 2019 and 2020 respectively, catapulting the Playstation 1 originals into the present with improvements and retreads.

Resident Evil in VR

It is fair to say that a new era has dawned for the Resident Evil series – and thus also for VR gaming. The excellent VR mods open up completely new possibilities. Especially with the Resident Evil series, you can see how they create perfect experiences in VR – regardless of whether the games were developed natively for it or not. The remakes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 are technically and playfully up to date. The new first-person perspective creates a new and unique gameplay experience, even for players who know both the original and the remake. 

“Look into my pixel eyes!” – Resident Evil 1 First Person View

Resident Evil 4 VR for Oculus Quest, on the other hand, has its own novel promise – formerly beloved classic games are brought into virtual reality, breathing new life into them (something that is also supposed to happen with the classic GTA San Andreas VR). The technically somewhat limited Oculus Quest provides the perfect breeding ground for Playstation 2, PS3 or even GameCube or N64 evergreens.

Resident Evil 7 went a new way – into virtual reality

Resident Evil 7 was released for Playstation VR in 2017 and was a milestone – unfortunately, nothing more was made of it. Strictly speaking, the PSVR was already technically outdated at that time. A PC version was released later, but without the VR mode (which fans still sorely miss today).  

And with Resident Evil 8, it was already so far advanced that fans didn’t even want to play this part (which continued the first-person perspective) if it didn’t contain native VR support. Of course, nothing has been released to date.

The job as a Youtuber is a tough business (Screenshot: Resident Evil 7)

That’s why you get the feeling with the Resident Evil series that VR was touched on but then rather ignored. Yet the following parts show that each of them really does convey a unique and truly immersive gameplay experience.

But let’s jump deeper into the horror, blood, sweat and lots of Resident Evil action:

Resident Evil 2 Logo

Resident Evil 2 VR (PC – VR Port Mod)

With all VR mods that are exclusively made by Praydog, a software developer that makes game modding tools, mods, and other sorts of software, one must predict that they are not commercial mods. This means that Praydog does not earn any money with them, but that these mods are made available to the general public for free. Normally, we would not have to give a rating here – but we don’t have to!

The RE2 VR mod is even free

Because every Resident Evil VR experience is a blast. So we also rate the VR game experience. What’s new and therefore unique compared to the commercial Resident Evil 2 flatscreen game is that this one actually uses the over-the-shoulder perspective. The RE2 VR mod turns it into its own first-person perspective. This works very uncomplicatedly and intuitively via the mod menu control.

ACAZ: All Cops are Zombies (Screenshot: Resident Evil 2 VR)

And once you are immersed in the game world of Resident Evil 2 – you need a strong stomach. On the one hand, because the mod is not perfect. Clipping errors cause weapons or whole people to disappear in the cutscenes, but also objects and the menu do not appear where you are used to. Often next to you (which means that you always have to look somewhat unnaturally in a direction other than your line of sight). The motion sickness problem in Resident Evil 2, however, is kept within reasonable limits.

The most immersive VR Resident Evil experience

But above all, you need a strong stomach because of the gore effects. Resident Evil 2 VR is an immersive horror nightmare: a zombie’s jaw slowly drops off his face, the dead policeman’s guts spill out of his stomach, and the undead slowly crawling towards you is missing several limbs, while the fat zombie policeman you surprised with a headshot from behind crashes with his weight into the candy machine. In short, Resident Evil 2 VR is a true atmosphere monster. And more than lives up to the description ‘survival horror’! Apart from Resident Evil 8, we have probably experienced the most intense and immersive Resident Evil VR experience.

The fear of the unknown

You really feel the fear of the unknown every second – except perhaps in the safe rooms, where you can save the game (although in the remake, unlike the original, you are no longer safe even here). In the open field, however, panic sets in when an enemy is chasing you (Mr. X !) or a zombie has caught your scent and bursts through the door with a groan. If you think you can rest in a room that has already been completely cleared, you are wrong.

“Here is Zoooombbiiie!” (Screenshot: Resident Evil 2 VR)

The weapon system and shooting mechanics add to the atmosphere and fun of the game. Shooting with the pistol and the shotgun feels realistic (measured by the standards of virtual reality). In Resident Evil 2, you deliberately aim at individual body parts and don’t fire a whole magazine into your opponent. Strategic shots into the legs, for example, literally bring the zombies to their knees.

Ammunition is traditionally scarce in Resident Evil

However, this also ensures that you run out of ammunition faster than you would like. And when zombies are waiting around every corner, just falling out of windows or cupboards, it’s a nerve-racking situation – so completely without ammunition and a weapon with which to defend yourself. So you play a believable person who tries to protect himself, not an action hero who mows down everything in front of him, as in other VR games. You can’t get more immersed in the game than that – and zombie shooting has rarely been more fun. You can clearly see with RE2 how well the game would work if it had been planned as an original VR game.

Obviously the one with the biggest brain in the room (Screenshot: Resident Evil 2 VR)

A standout VR mod

There are a few small exceptions. It is a great achievement that Praydog has even included a character model with hands and torso in his mod. Because the actual Resident Evil 2 remake is controlled from the third-person perspective. In fact, the quality of the hands and arms falls a little short of the very high, almost realistic quality of the actual game graphics. But you have to remember, with Resident Evil 2, dozens of paid graphic artists spent countless hours – the whole mod was converted by one person. Once again, great respect!

You play Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield or a lump of tofu…

When it comes to the actual story of Resident Evil 2, at the beginning of the game you have the choice between the campaigns of Leon S. Kennedy, a budding policeman, and Claire Redfield, the sister of Chris Redfield, who is known from the first part. Although the stories of the two protagonists are similar for the most part, at some points you come across events and sections that are reserved for only one of the two. This means that there is enough incentive and motivation for a second playthrough even after the first.

Resident Evil 2 – Tofu Survivor Gameplay

As bonuses for completing the game, you also unlock a B-story with new twists within the story for the respective character, as in the original. You can calculate about ten hours for the first playthrough. If you really want to experience everything, you have to reach the end credits at least four times. After that, the famous tofu mode awaits (this mission is probably the most difficult of the whole game. You are a huge lump of tofu – without hands and real weapons. In return, you experience the “true” end of the game).

How to install the mod

1. Install the game using Steam or the Epic Games Store (if available).

2. Find the game folder on the hard disk

3. Download from Praydog’s Github

4. Unzip and copy into the game folder (you can also locate that via Steam)

5. Put on your VR Headset, start SteamVR and enjoy


  • Bloody splatter fireworks in combination with great light and shadow effects
  • Incredibly detailed world
  • Probably the most immersive horror experience in VR
  • A special atmosphere that players rarely experience
  • One of the best flat to VR mods (version by Praydog)


  • Picked up items always appear next to or behind you
  • Slight danger of motion sickness
  • Strong risk of heart attack – real horror in VR!

Zombie Horror Rating: 5 / 5

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Resident Evil 3 VR (PC – VR Port)

With the Resident Evil 3 remake, as with the original, you can see that the series has first moved away from the shocker line. Resident Evil 3 focuses more on action and less on horror: RE3 is like a bombastic Hollywood action film – completely immersive in VR. A fun rollercoaster ride through zombie adventure land. Resident Evil 3 is also true that it is actually played in the original game, with the over-the-shoulder perspective.

The Praydog VR mod turns it into a first-person perspective. And this not only looks even a tad better than in Resident Evil 2 VR, it even works amazingly well in the cutscenes. Because the Resident Evil 3 remake is a game that reels off one cutscene after the other. At the same time, you are almost never confused, and above all, the motion sickness is kept well within bounds.

Zombie Night Life (Screenshot: Resident Evil 3 VR)

A reduced gore factor

However, the gore factor of Resident Evil 3 is also debatable, because it has been significantly reduced compared to the Resident Evil 2 remake. Not that it’s necessary, a high level of violence doesn’t make a game better (often it can even have a negative effect on the gameplay).

However, in the Resident Evil 2 remake, especially in VR, this was a defining factor for the atmosphere, which was thick enough to cut through. Now again, one can argue that Resident Evil 2 is more “realistic” (Resident Evil 7 takes the cake here) and Resident Evil 3 VR is just more like an action movie. However, in the remake of Resident Evil 3, it feels much more difficult to target enemies and to comprehend the extent of the injuries we have added. This is something that makes up the survival horror genre.

The Resident Evil 3 story is thrillingly staged in return

However, this is complaining at a high level. Otherwise, the atmosphere, the look and the technology are in top condition. The redesign of familiar characters is excellent and the overrun Raccoon City is as beautiful as it is terrifying to look at.

There goes the neighborhood (Screenshot: Resident Evil 3 VR)

After slipping into the roles of Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield in Resident Evil 2 VR, it is now Special Forces member Jill Valentine and Umbrella mercenary Carlos Oliveira who are at the centre of the game’s action. The top priority for the heroes of the story is to escape from Raccoon City, where everything is going down the drain. The same setting as in Resident Evil 2: the city destroyed by the living dead thanks to the unscrupulous Umbrella corporation.

The story of Resident Evil 3 takes place partly before and partly after the events of Resident Evil 2, which has advantages and disadvantages compared to Resident Evil 2. For example, the remake of Resident Evil 3 benefits from its varied locations, after all, we explore the devastated inner city of Raccoon, an overrun hospital or the abandoned underground stations of the city. And not just an abandoned police station. However, the atmosphere, the environments and the lighting conditions are outstanding in both games in virtual reality.

Zombies, hunters and other abominations

During the six-hour campaign, the game puts us alternately in the skin of Jill and Carlos – we cannot choose freely, but switch roles at fixed points in the campaign. Apart from their respective weaponry, however, the two differ only minimally in terms of gameplay. A definite disadvantage is that Resident Evil 3 lacks the oppressive claustrophobia of its predecessor. In the test, you rarely had any real problems fighting off zombies, hunters or other monsters from Umbrella’s chamber of horrors. If you run out of pistol ammunition, you can simply use a shotgun, assault rifle or grenade launcher.

The inventory tetris is part of Resident Evil

Which is part of Resident Evil 2 and also the third part (and Resident Evil 4 VR and Resident Evil 7 VR and even Resident Evil 8 VR): Inventory Tetris. The remake of Part 3 is oriented towards Part 2, which before that was oriented towards Part 7. Compared to the original, the story has been tightened up and made more compact. Those who don’t know the original may not miss these sequences at all, but for veterans of the series their absence may at least cause frowns and raised eyebrows.

Claire Valentine – Protagonist (Screenshot: Resident Evil 3)

Overall, however, an outstanding VR experience that is not as brilliant as Part 2 in VR, but you should definitely try it out.

How to install the mod

1. Install the game using Steam or the Epic Games Store (if available).

2. Find the game folder on the hard disk

3. Download from Praydog’s Github

4. Unzip and copy into the game folder (you can also locate that via Steam)

5. Put on your VR Headset, start SteamVR and enjoy


  • Recommended for those who like action and bombastic, film-heavy staging
  • Shooting zombies, because it is more action-heavy, is almost the most fun in this part
  • The quality of the cutscenes is outstanding in VR


–  In VR only a very good VR game thanks to the original remake game, not as brilliant as Resident Evil 2 VR

Monster Action Rating 4,5 / 5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Resident Evil 4 VR (Meta Quest 2 [formerly Oculus Quest 2])

Resident Evil represents a novelty and a special feature in this series. In fact, it is the only game that has been directly and commercially ported for VR (Resident Evil 7 VR for PSVR excluded). And that should pay off: The VR port of Resident Evil 4 is the fastest-selling VR game in the history of Meta Quest 1 and 2, according to Meta, based on sales in the first week after launch. Since its initial release in 2005 on Nintendo’s GameCube, Capcom’s title has been released on almost every major system in ever-changing versions. No wonder: with Resident Evil 4, game designer Shinji Mikami has created a masterpiece of survival horror.

Old games in new VR glory

To start with, VR remakes of classic games are a good thing. Those who don’t know the old games experience a classic in virtual reality. Those who love this classic game dearly experience a completely new VR world of the game. That can’t be a bad thing. And it’s a good alternative to the few AAA games that again only big studios can afford to develop – and which can then often lead to big disappointments on the part of the developers due to the still very small VR player market.                            

In Spain, people used to be friendlier too (Screenshot: Resident Evil 4 VR)

VR ports go one step further than remasters and remakes, which often only upgrade the graphics with better textures, 3D models and lighting effects. Resident Evil 4 VR changes the original over-the-shoulder perspective into a third-person perspective (as with Resident Evil 2 VR and Resident Evil 3 VR, except that no mod was used here, but the game was ported). This leads to a completely new, much more intense first-person perspective gameplay.

Interludes on the big screen

However, not everything from the original game has been ported to VR. Intermediate sequences are presented on a kind of screen and take you out of the action every minute. Here, the mods by Praydog for Resident Evil 2 VR and Resident Evil 3 VR (as well as for Resident Evil 7 VR and Resident Evil 8 VR) are even a little ahead of the commercial title: Here you can switch on the first-person perspective in the mod in the cutscenes.

“Hello I’m Sackface, Leatherface’s cousin.” (Screenshot: Resident Evil 4 VR)

Also a relic of the past: Quick Time Events. Revolutionary at the time, rather annoying today. For example, you have to shake or move the VR controllers in a certain way in order to tear yourself away from zombies or avoid an attack. Even if the latter even offers a certain fun factor, it stops when you have to jump over slopes in gondolas or crampingly dodge huge rolling stones in Indiana Jones style.

News from bygone gaming eras

These narrative and playful elements are relics from a long-gone gaming age, which do not significantly spoil the game experience, but do show that we are dealing with a title that has not passed by without a trace over the years. It has to be said, however, that the abrupt change to the outside perspective is even quite amusing here and there. For example, when the head is cut off with a chainsaw and you watch from the outside. The hand-to-hand combat goes in a similar direction, with Leon performing a roundhouse kick at the push of a button and knocking the Las Plagas horde out of their boots in rows.

Real life: When you’ve blind-swiped Tinder again (Screenshot: Resident Evil 4 VR)

However, perhaps more significantly, “Resident Evil 4 VR” has added functionality that was absent in the original, such as the ability to move in a sideways motion instead of only allowing Leon to move forward or backward depending on the current camera angle. Also Resident Evil 4 VR has cut certain scenes that might be deemed offensive. These include lines of dialogue that reference parts of the character Ashley Graham‘s body, some interactions between Leon and his contact at F.O.S., Ingrid Hannigan, and some suggestive animations. Besides, you can’t see under Ashley’s skirt even in VR. According to Meta, the changes to the dialogue and select animations were made to “update ‘Resident Evil 4’ for a modern audience.

Mini Game in any RE game: Inventory Tetris (Screenshot: Resident Evil 4 VR)

Mercenaries mode and new locomotion options coming

Meta also confirmed that Resident Evil 2022 will get the original’s popular Mercenaries game mode for free, and announced new gameplay options for locomotion and accessibility. Overall, the concept of old PC and video games being re-ported into the virtual world is incredibly appealing and one can only hope that more developers and game studios follow this principle. Resident Evil 4 is one of the best VR games you can buy for the Oculus Quest.


  • Action-packed gameplay is great fun
  • Attention to detail, beautiful objects everywhere and great atmosphere
  • The freedom of movement of the wireless Oculus Quest 2 results in a free, untethered gameplay experience
  • The story is as wacky as storytelling could only be in games of the 90s and 2000s


– The game principle is already very outdated
– The graphics look surprisingly good, but you notice that it is almost 18 years old

Action Creepyness Rating: 4,5 / 5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Resident Evil 7 VR (PSVR & PC – VR Port Mod)

Original Biohazard Cover

Fun Fact

Resident Evil is called ‘Biohazard’ in its country of origin, Japan. The name Resident Evil was chosen for distribution outside Japan because the trademark ‘Biohazard’ was already taken in the USA. Resident Evil itself, by the way, was the result of a naming competition – it was felt that it would fit well with the mansion setting of the first part.

Incidentally, the seventh part of the series is officially called ‘Resident Evil 7: Biohazard’. In Japan, the title is “Biohazard 7: Resident Evil”.

After the hard-fought Resident Evil 6, the Japanese publisher Capcom had already announced that they wanted to return to their survival horror roots with Resident Evil 7. Ethan Winters, the new protagonist, receives a mysterious message. His wife Mia, reported missing for three years and ultimately dead, writes Ethan that she is at the abandoned Baker farm near the US town of Dulvey. Deep in sweltering Louisiana swamps. Ethan Winters sets off – and once at the farm, the horror begins.

Resident Evil 7 VR
Modern Familiy (Screenshot: Resident Evil 7 VR)

Fear and Loathing in VR

Resident Evil 7 itself is a cesura. You are no longer the all-bullet-blasting superhero of the previous parts. You’re just a normal, average person who gets sucked into the vortex of nightmare experiences. In RE7 we experience the helplessness of our character first hand. Early in the game you are brutally attacked and captured. This defencelessness often makes you open doors with bated breath, peek behind them for a moment, duck past windows and carefully turn corners. Because paranoia is a far-sighted thing in Resident Evil 7 VR. This permanent state of inner tension is indeed exhausting for most, but the atmosphere of the game whips this up extremely.

Resident Evil 7 is a model VR application

It would not be correct to say that Resident Evil 7 only offers an intense horror experience in VR. But it is accurate to describe how incredibly unsettling, terrifying and under the skin this experience is in virtual reality compared to others. Developed for the PSVR, RE7 exemplifies what a top-notch virtual reality experience is. However, for the PC VR version with Praydog’s mod, it has to be said that you can tell that development is not quite finished (as of January 2022). This is in contrast to RE 2 VR and RE 3 VR, which, apart from a few minor details, feel very rounded virtually. Here, too, you should have a strong stomach – but a very strong one. Because the hectic visual movements with the directional pad can turn the stomach of even less motion sickness-prone people after a while.

Resident Evil 7 VR
“You didn’t take out the trash. Again!” (Screenshot: Resident Evil 7 VR)

Gamepad, mouse or keyboard only

You can also play with keyboard and mouse – there is currently no VR controller support (as of January 2022). However, the gamepad is recommended – unless you are very good at finding “blind” keys on the keyboard. Which can be nerve-wracking when you’re being chased by a chainsaw. But despite the still raw VR mod, RE7 is worth it. As with the PSVR version, you can tell that the game was originally created for VR. And the original Playstation VR version was technically lagging behind at the end of 2016 – because of the Playstation hardware, which was already outdated when it was released. On PC, the full graphical splendour is revealed, with incredibly atmospheric light, shadow and gore effects.

“And you didn’t do the dishes!” (Screenshot: Resident Evil 7 VR)

Texas Chainsaw Massacre in Louisiana

Resident Evil 7 VR offers a completely different gameplay experience than its predecessors – even the scenario seems freshly creepy. Obviously, films like ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ or ‘Wrong Turn’ were the inspiration for the idea. Hillbilly horror that creates a surreal VR nightmare through the southern scenario and the sultry nightmarish atmosphere. Unfortunately, due to the more difficult controls, the aiming mechanics also suffer.

You often shoot against the wall, against the flower vase or generally everywhere, but not at what you were aiming at. The question is also whether it’s a glitch, but the knife becomes a weapon of mass destruction in VR. With enough stabs, every opponent eventually slumps (depending on the difficulty level, of course – the higher it is, the less you see a stab). Unfortunately, this didn’t work so well in the flatscreen version. But there you also had pistol, shotgun, flamethrower etc.

Why an official PC VR version never appeared is a mystery

Overall, however, it can be said that a rating would not be completely fair because the mod is not yet finished. However, if you take the PSVR version, which is already four years old, the gameplay, the atmosphere and above all the mood can be transferred perfectly to the PC. Of course, anyone who owns Playstation VR is advised to play this on the now outdated console, because the bugs already spoil the fun of the game. Especially those who are susceptible to motion sickness should definitely wait until the regular, fully developed VR mod is released.

What remains completely incomprehensible, however, is why there has never been a regular VR mode for the PC: It has actually already appeared in Virtual Reality on Playstation. Presumably there must be licensing reasons behind it – otherwise it’s incomprehensible, as fans are really missing out on a lot. Resident Evil 7 is perhaps the weakest VR game in the Resident Evil series (but again, probably the most nerve-wracking) – but still one of the greatest VR experiences ever.

How to install the mod

1. Install the game using Steam or the Epic Games Store (if available).

2. Find the game folder on the hard disk

3. Download from Praydog’s Github

4. Unzip and copy into the game folder (you can also locate that via Steam)

5. Put on your VR Headset, start SteamVR and enjoy


  • Coherent and detailed levels
  • Many disgusting details
  • Great light and shadow effects
  • Constant feeling of anxiety, the most nerve-wracking Resident Evil in VR


  • Mod unfortunately not yet finished (as of January 2022)

Horror Survival Rating 4 / 5

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A rating for the PC Version will be provided on when the final mod is released

Resident Evil 8 VR (PC – VR Port Mod)

Ethan and wife Mia survive the events of Resident Evil (no spoilers, RE7 offers different endings). And they have become parents – with their daughter Rose, they are living a happy family life. However, the happy threesome is abruptly interrupted when Chris Redfield storms through the door with masked soldiers, shoots Mia down and steals the baby. Ethan finds himself in the snowy nowhere of Romania – and naturally goes in search of his daughter. There Ethan comes across the titular village, where werewolf-like Lycans await him, having mauled the local population. A witch appears, a vicious count captures Ethan and then there is the notorious Lady Dimitrescu.

“Don’t eat yellow snow!” (Screenshot: Resident Evil 8 VR)

Witches, vampires and werewolves instead of zombies

So Ethan has to escape the nightmare again, find his daughter Rose and what does the actual hero Chris Redfield actually have to do with all this? Of course, no spoilers follow here, but it can be said that Resident Evil 8 tells a much more personal story than the previous Resident Evil parts. The mystery surrounding the village also fits satisfactorily into the series lore, making this a ‘proper’ Resident Evil as well. However, one should not expect big twists and surprises. Resident Evil 8 is scary, but not as nerve-wracking as Resident Evil 7. The gore factor has been significantly lowered, you shouldn’t expect flying guts like in Resident Evil 2 VR. But this time it’s about witches, vampires and werewolves and not zombies.

Real life: Another blind date that went wrong (Screenshot: Resident Evil 8 VR)

Probably the best VR mod

Capcom manages, as it did with Resident Evil 7, to merge this novelty with the series. Whether this works well or badly is something you can answer for yourself. All in all, Resident Evil 8 is certainly a very good horror game that you can enjoy for many hours. Evaluating the VR mod version is much more difficult – if not impossible (as of January 2022). The Praydog VR mod already gives the impression that it is technically the best to integrate. Unlike the Resident Evil 7 VR mod, the freedom of movement runs flawlessly here, without the jerky movements.

Everything actually super? No, there is one crucial feature – the virtual hands are completely upside down. This not only looks like a handicap, it actually makes RE8 unplayable in the VR mod. Because the weapon aiming system doesn’t work like that at all. While in RE7 VR you didn’t shoot wildly through the area, here you’re not even sure if you’re shooting at all. In any case, no bullet hits.

Real life: “I’m getting a little tired of the surprises after swiping.” (Screenshot: Resident Evil 8 VR)

Better wait a little longer for Resident Evil 8 VR

Generally speaking, you should only play with a gamepad. Unless you want to punch something blindly on the keyboard. The familiar knife thrust, which you could still use to stab any enemy in the RE7 mod, helps a little in fighting. But even the knife flails wildly around and doesn’t slice as reliably as in RE7 VR Mod. But here too – just wait until the regular and completed mod version is released. Because apart from the fantastic Resident Evil 2 VR, Resident Evil 8 shows the most potential of all VR versions. The scenario is atmospheric, the technology is state-of-the-art (which is the only shortcoming of RE4 VR), the game works perfectly through the first-person perspective in VR and the story-heavy gameplay provides entertainment.

How to install the mod

1. Install the game using Steam or the Epic Games Store (if available).

2. Find the game folder on the hard disk

3. Download from Praydog’s Github

4. Unzip and copy into the game folder (you can also locate that via Steam)

5. Put on your VR Headset, start SteamVR and enjoy


  • Promising VR experience of the latest Resident Evil part


  • VR Mod not yet assessable according to the current status

Action witches werewolf Rating 5 / 5


Rating: 5 out of 5.

A proper rating will be provided on when the final mod is released


We rate the overall experience in VR games, but we do not rate the individual mods – unless they are offered commercially. Our big thanks to all the modders who go the extra mile to make flatscreen games unique experiences. Thank you for your passion!

Only the VR experiences were tested and played first. The tester was not aware of the flatscreen version beforehand.

Title Sources, Screenshots and other Images: Capcom
Other Image Sources:

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