Toxic VR worlds hard to make pleasant if it is not anywhere else online worlds

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VR Headsets
VR Headsets

Virtual reality was costly and tethered by wires to exclusive PCs until 2019. However, the invention of wireless and user-friendly Oculus Quest has changed that. Still toxic VR worlds are hard to make them pleasant because it is not better or worse than anywhere else online worlds.

Just the once, the headset is on, you reach hundred of games and apps. Not only this but there are also many social spaces for your chatting with other people.

VR Chat is an entire mixture, taken over by anime artistic e.g., cat ears, big busted, scantily clad 2D women and furries that’s sexualized anthropomorphic cartoon animals etc. But, Meta’s Horizon and some other VR spaces try a kind of soothing, clean, innovative appearance with soft colors and cartoonish humanoids.

 There are different chat rooms like a beach, a club, apartments etc. All of them seem like they are instantly out of the video games from 2009. This is aesthetically a poor experience.  

The point, due to a large part of VR chat’s addicts are teenagers, people sound to be habitually interested in missing with one another. Adults might see trolling in virtual spaces as a problem, but for teenagers it might be a point, instead.  And hundreds of YouTube video compilations proved this.

There is most of the time, the first thing you may hear in VR chats would be in a voice of a teenager. That might ask you about some astonished things for example; “hello, do you want to do some drugs?” with an immature voice.

The fact is that most chats are arbitrary, momentary and pretty pointless or gently obnoxious. Presently, VR Chats and apps like VR chats work on a kind of autonomous report system when it comes to control. It simply means players who constantly get criticism on their activities slowly lose benefits of VR chats. Anyways, you are able to block or mute any other user who is irritating or harassing you.   

As from Twitter to Facebook to Call of Duty, all are online endemic toxicity; it looks like Meta or anyone in the big technology world can intend or have any means to turn the online world pleasant and safe universally. In this way, it is also hard to make toxic VR worlds pleasant.

One last thing to remember is, besides social media, experts oppose under 13 to use VR headsets as well. So, what we may do the best is prepare teens to deal with it.

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