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Augmented reality is defined as an updated version of physical world which is achieved through technology. It makes use of the sound and other digital elements. Many companies involved in mobile computing and as well as business applications make use of the strategies of AR. The main purpose of AR is to spotlight the different features of the real world, knowing the features thus deriving the awareness among the audience to implement in the real world applications.

History of Augmentative Reality

Cinematographer first achieved augmented reality at 1957 . Firstly, he invented the Sensorama which delivered various effects such as sound and as well as vibration. His first invention was not fully computer controlled but it had formed a basis of augmentative reality in terms of data experience.

Furthermore, Ivan Sutherland the American computer scientist invented the head-mounted display which acted as a window in the virtual world. In 1975, he invented the first interface of virtual reality in the form of “videoplace” . It had allowed interacting with the virtual objects in the real time world.

Louis Rosenberg developed first proper AR system at USAF Research Lab in 1992. The project developed named as Virtual Fixtures which was a complex robotic system. He designed AR system to adjust the lack of high speed 3D graphics. The overall aim was to increase the human productivity in the workplace.

Present Era of Augmented Reality

AR is the main foundation to achieve the technological innovation. These are as under

Hardware Components

The smartphone contains all the input devices which are required to be as an AR device. It includes a microprocessor, sensor, GPS, camera and as well as accelerometers. Thus a smartphone can act as an integrated AR devices which includes all the features.


Monitor is used to display the interface of the AR data. Apart from other systems, there are many other projects which are used to display the AR data. It includes eyeglasses, contact lenses, head mounted display and EyeTap. Hence these systems can help in displaying AR data on the screen.

Input Devices

The input devices include GPS, gyroscopes, wireless sensors, touch recognition, speech recognition and eye tracking. Thus AR uses input devices to input the data.


The developers make use of augmented Reality Markup Language (ARML) in order to standardize XML grammar for the virtual reality. Many sectors such as architecture, commerce, office, education, translation, games, sports, entertainment, tourism, emergency management, disaster management and military are using augmented reality.

Future of Augmented Reality

According to Jessica Lowry, augmentative reality is the future of design. Augmentative reality enhances the user experiences thus making the world an enchanting place for the users. AR will help in enhancing multitasking and efficiency in the work procedures to increase the productivity.


Augmented reality has many advantages in the real world. These are as under

Augmented reality helps in Marketing

Augmented reality is used for the marketing purposes. It helps in deriving the sales strategies. The brands can promote their products through the use of augmentative reality. Augmented reality gives the advantages to the brand to facilitate their customers with the user experiences just by tapping on their mobile devices. The brands can derive the sales through the use of AR tool which further helps in increasing the brand value through the mobile devices. Furthermore, they can also launch marketing campaigns and collect the data.  Thus they can market the products in the real life applications hence increasing the customer experience.

Augmented reality provides with great Interactive Experiences

AR enabled companies makes use of BIC kids which possesses DrawyBook app. The app includes the enhanced version of creative drawing process. Through this app, the children can visualize their drawing through the screen of DrawyBook app tablet. They can even add more colors to their drawings if needed.  The European grocery store have recently partnered with Disney and started selling branded Frozen products thus making children able to take pictures with the Frozen characters through augmentative reality.  Augmented reality has changed the simple looking world into something captivating which can leave a charming impact in the mind of the users.

Augmented reality helps in enhancing customer Experience

Many companies are striving hard to enhance their customer experience through augmented reality. The use of HoloLens and as well as Magic Leap goggles can enhance the customer experiences. The developers can integrate great user experience into automobiles products within the mobile apps. Thus the companies are using AR in order to enhance their workplace training, customer experience and as well as compelling the customers to purchase their products by making them attractive through the ocular effect of augmented reality.

AR enables training of workforce without Risk

United States Army is also making the use of augmented reality. United States Army has signed a contract of $480 million dollar with Microsoft. The main purpose behind the contract is to license their HoloLens 2 technology for the purpose of training, act and defense. Other than US Army, Mercedes-Benz Global Training center in Stuttgart, Germany also makes use of the HoloLens in order to deeply examine the inner of the cars they use. The engineers are also more likely to understand all the complexities of Mercedes automobiles through the use of HaloLens technology.

Thus augmented reality is the future of the world. The researchers are researching many sectors in terms of augmented reality. Augmented reality will help in increasing the work efficiency and as well as productivity. But on the other hand, AR can be really dangerous as far as the manpower is concerned in the long run. The researchers must ponder on the issues and make the strategies accordingly issues to tackle the issues in order to reduce the risks of deterioration in the long run which might affect the economy of the world.





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