Female Robots are more alike Humans

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AI Robot Sara

According to a recent survey taken from 170 people regarding the robots, it has been found that the female robots are more alike humans and people are more likely to feel cozy and sheltered with the female robots rather than the male robots in the service hotels. The paper named as “International Journal of Hospitality Management” contains all the description and findings regarding the survey. The preference really focuses on having more human features and only female robots possess such qualities than the male robots.

According to the researcher named Seo, the preference focuses on care and only female robots can give such care and hence the people find themselves comfortable. Before the outbreak of Covid-19, many hotels had hired larger number of employees. On the other hand, some hotels opted for robots for performing many functions such as dishwashing to helping the customers in delivering the luggage to their rooms.

Conduction of Scenarios

In order to conduct a study, the hotel authorities presented the participants with the different scenarios. Their main task was to interact with the AI featured robot in the hotel. In the first scenario, the male robot named as “Alex” greeted the participants. In response to that, the male robot only possesses a face and as well as the human like physic. The the female robot named as “Sara” also greeted the participants in the same way and the response from the participants was preferable than the first. The female robot greeted more charmingly. Hence, the people became more contented. Most of all, the participants described the female robot as having more human qualities.

Furthermore, the researcher focused on the issues which are the outcomes of replacing humans by robots in the long run. He also managed to give suggestions to the developers required in the development of the AI robots.

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