“HAPTIC GLOVES” that let users feel objects in virtual reality

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Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been seen wearing a VR headset many times before to see objects in virtual reality. But on Tuesday, Zuckerberg posted a video in which he can be seen playing roll dice, jenga and chess, shake hands and first bump virtually using “HAPTIC GLOVES” that helps to feel the objects which are showing in virtual reality. Thanks to technology being developed by META to bring touch to the metaverse

Meta team is developing haptic gloves that are safe to use, comfortable and customizable gloves that can give the feel and sensation of objects in the virtual world, including pressure, vibration and texture. These gloves consist of tiny motors that are specifically designed to give a simulated sensation of touch. Moreover, these gloves also facilitate holding things in the virtual world by locking the hand. For example, you will feel the ball in your hand the same as it is showing virtually. Meta has also added this statement that these “haptic gloves” will track the hands of their user to check whether HE or SHE is in virtual reality. 

Meta’s seven years of effort in the virtual world to make such a magnificent glove will definitely give great innovation of all time that will enable people to feel the texture of the virtual world. Nonetheless, Meta has not yet announced any plans to release the HAPTIC GLOVES.

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