Virtual Reality is helping Cows relax and produce more milk

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Virtual Reality in Cows relax and produce more milk

Virtual Reality has found its new application. In diary industry implementing VR might not be the priority. Nevertheless this has not stopped the Turkish farmers from trying.

One way to boost the production of the cows is to ensure that the cows are happy. According to research by scientists from Newcastle University even a simple act of naming the cow will increase milk production. So its clear farmers must keep their cows happy.

VR for Cows

Another way to keep the cows happy is to keep their stress level low. To keep the stress level in check, Mr Koçak decided to use the VR googles. Since cows and people have different head size and eye positions using off the market VR googles is impossible. Therefore, a custom oversized VR google is made for the cows.

The VR googles simulates open green pastures which relaxes the cow. Moreover, there is also relaxing music played that further enhances the affect and makes the cows feel less anxious.

video by newspaper “The Sun” illustrating the use of VR googles on cows

VR googles affect on milk production

“These glasses are emotionally good for the animals. We observed that the animals are less stressed. Both of these conditions are reflected in the milk yield, the quality and quantity of milk is increasing,” Mr Koçak said.

Before the VR googles were being used the average milk production of the cows was 22 liters. After the implementation of VR on the selected cows, these cows started producing 27 liters on average per day.

Virtual Reality googles ethically correct?

While producing more milk is the ultimate goal for a farmer for profitability, does it allow to use any means possible. There are varied opinions regarding this news among the general public. On one hand, the cows feel less stressed when using VR googles. However the VR google can not replicate the physical benefits that an actual green pasture can provide.


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