AI strives to conserve wildlife

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AI saves wildlife

Artificial intelligence helps in conserving the wildlife. It helps in analyzing the location, pattern and as well as the sighting of the animals. Thus the large team of artificial intelligence and animal ecology are striving to safeguard the wild animals in their protected place. Hence, artificial intelligence strives to conserve wildlife.

It is difficult for the humans to go in the unsafe places where the wildlife exists. Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence has overcome the issue. The Professor named as Davis Tuia who is the head of the EPFL’s Environmental Computational Science and Earth Observation Laboratory emphasizes on having more researchers to work for the conservation of the wildlife. Artificial intelligence really helps in knowing all the patterns of the wildlife thus paving the way for its conservation through the protection strategies.

AI collects datasets

Artificial intelligence helps in conserving the environment through the collection of large number of datasets.

AI-based wildlife conservation projects

  1. .The World Wildlife Fund and Intel are collaborating with researchers on a project to monitor and protect Siberian tigers in China using artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence can help analyze a huge amount of data collected by advanced camera traps.
  2. DeepMind, a British company, has developed an AI-based model to identify animal species and count their numbers. It has been used in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Scientists are using AI to detect wild animals and try to preserve endangered species before it’s too late.
  3. Rainforest Connection, a San Francisco-based non-governmental organization, uses artificial intelligence to fight poaching in Africa.
  4. Microsoft’s Species Classification API demo uses a machine learning model to identify over 5000 species of animals and plants
Database created by Microsoft with the help of AI to classify animals
Microsoft’s API for classifying animal species.

The researchers analyze the datasets to identify the facts. The dataset can also help in predicting the extinction of wild animals. Furthermore, there are high chances to stop the wildlife poaching.

Minimize the effects of Climatic Change

Through the use of artificial intelligence, the researchers can find the effects of the climatic change on the wildlife. As a result, they help in designing the strategies which can reduce the effects of climatic change on the wildlife thus paving the way for the conservation of wildlife.

Artificial intelligence stops Illegal Trade

The advance AI model can help in finding out the wildlife trafficking found in its tracks. The model has advance strategies built in order to conserve wildlife.

There are almost a thousand of species which are going to extinct. Hence artificial intelligence strives to find out the risk behind their extinction and as well as finding strategies for their survival.

Wildlife is really important for the nature processes. It maintains stability and balance. The killing of carnivores which are an important part of food web can reduce the forest vegetation. Thus the survival of wildlife is quite crucial and the algorithms of artificial intelligence are paving the way to conserve wildlife thus conserving nature.


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