The use of AI to predict the missing words in ancient writings

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AI to predict missing words

Artificial intelligence will help to fill the missing words in the ancient writing scripts. The researchers have developed an AI system that will make it possible. The framework is intended to assist students of history with reestablishing the compositions and distinguishing when and where they were composed.

Numerous old populaces utilized compositions, otherwise called engravings, to report various pieces of their lives. The engravings have been found on materials like stone, ceramic, and metal. The compositions regularly contained significant data about how old individuals lived and how they organized their social orders.

Yet, generally speaking, the articles containing such engravings have been harmed throughout the long term. This left significant pieces of the engravings absent and hard to distinguish and comprehend.

What would be the benefit of this AI tool?

This AI tool will help the researchers to understand the ancient writings and their accurate history. Moving on, it will also tell-all about the missing information about the culture and history. Moreover, the researchers will also find the missing knowledge about the old civilizations like Greek and Romans. So, it is an impressive AI advancement that can open new doors to history.  

Name of the tool and information about the research

The name of this AI tool is Ithaca. This tool can predict almost 70 percent accurately the missing letters and words. 

The discoveries were as of late detailed in a review in the distribution Nature. Analysts from different associations – including the University of Oxford, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, and Athens University of Economics and Business – likewise participated in the review.

The group said it prepared Ithaca on the biggest assortment of information containing Greek engravings from the non-benefit Packard Humanities Institute in California. Taking care of this information into the framework is intended to assist the instrument with utilizing past compositions to anticipate missing letters and words in harmed engravings.


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