Apple to introduce it’s most awaited AR headset in 2022 as a premium device

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Mark Gurman, stated in the latest edition of his Bloomberg Power On newsletter that Apple will introduce it’s most advanced AR headset in 2022. He also said that Apple’s first headset will have a complex, expensive-to-build design, complete with interchangeable lenses. Gurman did not mention any specific cost, but according to another report Headset could be released in 2022 at a price of around $2000. 

TF international securities analyst Ming-Chi kuo shared his prediction that Apple headset will have processing power similar to Apple macbook. As there would be two chips used to power Apple’s AR Headset – one similar to the M1 chip used in macbook and other one to manage sensors. Accompanying two Sony 4k Micro-OLED displays. This headset will also facilitate continuous video see through AR services with the help of 6–8 optical modules. 

It will be a self-sustained device, no devices like iPhone, iPad or Mac will be needed nearby to use it. Moreover Ming-Chi Kuo also claimed that the device will also facilitate the running of different applications. Apple eventually plans to make future versions of the AR/VR headset more powerful and capable. Amazing features the headset will have are two eye-detecting cameras with resolution of 8k displays and their headphones for measuring the most accurate dimensions, surfaces and edges. Moreover, Kuo said that these headsets will also support Virtual Reality VR Experiences. 

It is said that Apple’s AR headset has resemblance with that of Facebook’s Oculus Quest headset. But Apple’s headset is slightly different due to it’s smooth and attractive design built with lightweight material, keeping the user’s comfort in  mind. It is also said that both upcoming Apple’s headset and iPhone 14 will support Wi-Fi 6E technology which will increase bandwidth and make interference lower needed for AR and VR experiences. 

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