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Beauty business also needs technology that brings customers to test their beauty products virtually. And in fact, augmented reality boosts up beauty business in the way never expected. Last couple of years due to the COVID all the businesses including beauty and care were in their horrific period. Then a beauty tech called VTO or virtual try-on came to help this collapsing business.

Consumers like to use these apps with such a pace that companies found a boost in their revenue. Make up companies focus not only on attaining small brands, but now they also consider chasing AI and AR firms.

Why AR got this much importance in beauty business

The companies have understood this very well that AI and AR can help them develop personalized consumer familiarity with their products.  Some well-known companies either hired or bought AR services.

For example L’Oreal bought an AR specialist ModiFace in 2018. L’Oreal used the patent of ModiFace “to create a number of virtual try-on tools that consumers can experiment with across a number of their brands,” Vogue Business reports.  

This company possesses more than 30 physicists, engineers, UX specialists, hardware designers and data scientists in its technology incubator.

The beauty brands apply AI to allow customers’ expertise customized lip colors; have consultation with a professional colorist on live video. After the chat with professional, clients could buy a beauty product. More, they might try on makeup shades using a virtual mirror app known as Makeup Genius.  

What the beauty brands’ customers think now

People don’t want to visit any beauty store to merely try a product before buying. Customers take more interest in the company’s products that apply AR services rather than reading their boring information. People expect augmented reality cosmetic effects on social media from beauty companies rather than a nice to have feature.

Virtual Try-on importance

Companies will be able to turn their sale skills into entertainment with the help of VTO. This practice will increase their sale experience.

We see at least 38% of those who go through our color quiz, and then explore our hair colors using our AR Virtual Try-On Tool, convert to purchasing,” said Tyler Wozny, senior vice president of the hair color company Madison Reed.

As VTO is rapidly becoming a necessity for beauty brands, it looks like that nothing will be capable substitute this for sampling a product in the flesh.

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