Dipping into virtual reality is easier than ever—in fact; 2022 might be the perfect time to invest in AR/VR Headsets

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AR/ VR Headsets
AR/VR Headset

AR/VR headsets have been used for long time, but their history shows us that they have been largely restrained to monarchy of innovation accessories for high-tech games. The year of 2022 is said to be the year of AR/VR headsets. Therefore, experts consider it a perfect time for investors to dip into virtual reality for high profit business.  

It has also observed their adoption in aviation, logistics, automotive, defense and healthcare. Although their implementation is bound to a few industries, these examples may lead to the best guess that AR/VR wearable would be common place in emerging markets.

Gaming is rising as a big use case in the customer section. However, the need of the headsets, their price and their limited titles are certain restrictions. Even if someone wants to buy a headset, there are a limited set of games.

However, this scenario will change soon with many believes that the hype of AR/VR role in the metaverse will provide an enormous drive to the technology.

Next year doesn’t seem great for smart-phones and smart TVs!!

According to Faisal Kawoosa, founder and chief analyst at techARC, OEMs will introduce new product categories other than smart-phones and smart Tvs. That will push up the adaption of augmented reality and virtual reality.

Metaverse platforms are generating a lot of interests. “Facebook is one of the players who are working on metaverse projects,” he added. According to him, 2022 does not sound great for smartphones and smart TVs because of AR/VR headsets.

AR/VR Headsets of brands

A wirefree VR headset is much better option for most of the people. It is more comfortable because you do not need to worry about getting tangled up in your device wires. More it is portable. You can entertain yourself by carrying it with you anywhere.

We can see the future of AR/VR headsets very bright because they will overlap all the other categories of entertainments and work. For work, you can arrange your own little office room away from the office and even invite coworkers for meeting.

The new VR headsets can operate with or without a PC and come with two controllers. If you are setting up an entire room for VR and having no plans of moving it around then it is a good choice.

AR/VR headsets enterprise

Some uses of AR/VR headsets are; end-users for remote working and training. The metaverse and its capacity to facilitate collective experience across devices that bridge the physical and digital world will help to dive this evolution.  It will also help to provide the platform for companies and creator to build contents that inspire their users.

Although AR/VR headsets have low sale yet, they will dominate the market with their new features in coming years. By classification, AR/VR headsets are wearable up to now. They can be classified into handheld device application, smart glasses, head-mounted display and head up display.

A big step forward

 Most of the experts of digital world are not expecting a dramatic shift in AR/VR adoption headsets in 2022. However, these technologies have the potential to enable virtual workplaces and other virtual environments.

As per research and market study AR/VR headsets will increase their sale. This is because of their increasingly becoming more immersive, and more affordable. They will enhance their availability in more socially acceptable form factors.

Some of well known companies like Apple and Kura Gallium are very much serious in the development of AR/VR handsets.  The Kura Gallium’s specs has a remarkable glasses-style and improvement on the massive looks of most of other devices.

Headset for 2022
Gallium’s specs

Kura Gallium intends to improve its quality in 2022. Another important area where Kura Gallium sounds to beat the competitors is display transparency. It has 95% transparent display image which allows more seamlessly into your surroundings.

After years research, Apple reached to the point that in 2022 it will have to compete in AR/VR headsets technologies.  In the upcoming ten years, Apple plans to sell at least one billion devices which support AR/VR.

The metaverse space has been evolving over a number of years and we believe that it’ll carry on doing so.





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