Niantic acquired 8th Wall

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Niantic with 8th Wall

Niantic has recently purchased 8th Wall thus welcoming Web AR developers in Niantic. The 8th Wall provides a web based AR thus furnishing the developers with the best skills of interactive Web AR. It also provides the companies with the tools to make interactive Web AR. With Web AR, there is no need of an app. It provides the interactive interfaces on the mobile device. Thus in this way, Niantic is welcoming Web AR developers.

8TH Wall Partner

As far as the 8th Wall partner is concerned, the partners are the experienced Web AR developers who strive to put the ongoing projects into life. augmentable is also a partner of 8th Wall having experienced Web AR developers thus putting the ideas into action.

Empowering Lightship Developers by welcoming Web AR developers

With the purchase of the 8th Wall by Niantic, 8th will work towards empowering the Lightship developers. Thus in this way, the Lightship developers will realize their visions as far as the AR in the real world metaverse is concerned.

As far as the Niantic is concerned, it has been working for the improvements in AI in connecting with the people. Augmented reality has helped the people in discovering the new places. It has also worked to maintain a strong connection between the friends. In order to make the world integrated with AI, Niantic is striving to combine both physical and digital world. The overall aim is to transform the world into the 3D map as far as the planet is concerned.

With the Lightship platform, Niantic is welcoming all the creations of different platforms on the massive scale. Most of all, 8th wall is striving towards achieving the aim of Lightship platform. 8th Wall has been used to develop almost 50,000 interactive interfaces by the developers. It supports the features of almost billions of devices and 5 billion smartphones which includes IOS and Android smartphones. Many organizations having been using 8th Wall such as Pepsi, Microsoft, Dior, Universal Pictures and as well as General Mills. Thus Niantic is working hard to build an engaging platforms in the real world to share interactive interfaces.


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